Monday, August 11, 2008

India Wins Olympic Gold

Outstanding feat by Bindra - I am really happy he beat a Chinese guy to the gold too

India can win more medals if only they focus on the sports they can do well at and then provide money and resources. The trick is to privatise all the "federations" that run Indian sport. All that later.

Just savor the win for now


KapiDhwaja said...

Abhinav Bindra's silver bullet, nay golden bullet does India proud at the Olympics. It was great watching the National Tricolor rise up in Beijing, with National Anthem playing in the background. Awesome! Congratulations to Abhinav who comes across as a calm, cool dude with feet firmly planted on the ground. And hats-off to his parents who have sacrificed a lot, including their life-savings in bring-up a champion.

This is the end of the beginning and we are sure to see lots more Indian gold in future Olympics...

AGworld said...

One of the key reasons Bindra won was because he had a strong private sector backer who made sure he did not run, from pillar to post, supplicating to some babu for a license, a gun, a shirt, a trouser...

truti said...

And don't forget these words from Abhinav quoted in

At that historic moment, Bindra brought up something unique in the modern Indian discourse. He said that he just performed aggressively, without getting into agitation about the fruits of his action, as he was in the last round of the competition.

On another occasion, a long time ago, that was also precisely what was told to another legendary archer, Arjun, on a battle field in Kurushetra, not far from Bindra's farmhouse near Chandigarh.

No doubt, Bindra didn't have a saarathy [charioteer] to guide him. But his equanimity immensely helped him hit the bull's eye.

and from the Flying Sikh,

"Abhinav has turned my dream into reality by capturing the gold medal in 10 meters air rifle event. This is the happiest moment of my life, as I wanted to see someone waving the tricolour on top of the podium and the National anthem being played by the Olympic band," Milkha Singh told in New Delhi [Images] before boarding a flight to Chandigarh. What magnanimity! And such graceless politicians we have running our "sports" organizations

KapiDhwaja said...

Outstanding feat by Bindra - I am really happy he beat a Chinese guy to the gold too

Yes Ghost Writer. This victory is all the more sweet for India, as it is somewhat akin to bearding the lion in its own den.