Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hindu resistance contemplating Civil Disobedience in Jammu

An excellent idea, Hindu brothers in Jammu. This is actually a great idea of Hindu empowerment to be implemented throughout the country.

The UPA fascist thugs, under the tutelage of allegedly "eminent" economists have burdened the nation's Hindu taxpayers with all manner of unprecedented and obnoxious taxes, including a transaction fee to withdraw money from one's own personal savings account.

To compound the humiliation of the Hindus, this revenue is then siphoned off for the appeasement of perpetually demanding "Minorities" via suckling the mammary glands of the Dhimmi Welfare state, "Welfare" of Mohammedans, that is, first within India, then in West & East Pakistan through Manmohan Singh's extravagant and unwarranted "generosity".

Is this not a transparent levy of Jaziyah from the nation's Hindus for financing their own annihilation? The Harvard "educated" Dravidian fascist thug Chidambaram is using his
financial training acquired in the West to implement Sharia law and Jaziyah in India.

Therefore, if every Hindu can evade these obnoxious taxes, that would be productive. Stop contributing every last Rupee to the "secularist" revenue stream until the Dhimmis take cognisance of and address the root causes of Hindu anger. Civil Disobedience it shall be.

The poem by Alfred Tennyson, "The Charge Of The Light Brigade" comes to mind when
honoring the heroic resistance offered by the Hindus of Jammu against Islamic genocide.


kudva said...

Religion of peace does it again. This time its in Pakistan.

I think the cause for this is also Gujarat Riots of 2002.

bly243001 said...

Bravo Jammu people

Agitation in Jammu and Kashmir: A study in contrast

prominence are community langars in every locality where daily wagers and the poor are being fed by households that can cook their meals even as the more than month-long bandh continues. The picture is one of bonhomie among citizens, irrespective of denomination.

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