Saturday, August 16, 2008

Secularists want to facilitate "cross border trade" in Kashmir

Manmohan has expressed this desire fervently on more than one occasion in the past - to make "borders irrelevant" and "increase people to people contact" (sic), years before the current episode of Jihad in Kashmir over land for Amarnath Yatris.
Accordingly, when Hindus in the Jammu region are resolutely leveraging their control over the economic lifeline of Kashmir, the bloody "secularists" want to throw open the border with the "the land of the pure" in order to neutralise Jammu's strategic potential to starve the gluttonous Jihadis.

The Kashmiri Mohammedans are vociferously demanding this and the psecs in the Indian media and Parliament are eagerly parroting the seditious demands.

How do the Indian armed forces tolerate such blatant sedition and meekly submit to "Civilian control"? The charter of the Indian armed forces is certainly NOT robotic acquiescence in the emasculation of the nation by Dhimmis. Any attempt by the Jihadis and the "secularist" lot to violate national sovereignty and breach the border for intra-Mohammedan "trade" ought to be met with robust punitive action, indeed crushed with overwhelming firepower by the Indian Army, even if it means "Mutiny" against the "Civilian control" of capitulationist traitors.


Tranquil said...

karyakarta92 ,

I am zapped.

School going children , farmers and the rest of us are dying in a shockingly benumbing way every day. But these *secularists* simply never die.

Has YamaDharmaRaja turned into a Kumbakarna???

Eternalsoul said...

It is absolutely shocking that this UPA government can think of such a hare-brained and self-defeating scheme. It seems like the P-sec government and the media have taken leave of their senses and have sold their souls to the devil.They ought to be tried for treason.

witan said...

In his weekly column Counterpoint in Hindustan Times, Vir Sanghvi points out “no law enacted by parliament has any legitimacy in Kashmir unless the state government gives its consent....Then, there is the money. Bihar gets per capita central assistance of Rs 876 per year. Kashmir gets over ten times more: Rs 9,754 per year. While in Bihar and other states, this assistance is mainly in the forms of loans to the state, in Kashmir 90 per cent is an outright grant. Kashmir’s entire Five Year Plan expenditure is met by the Indian taxpayer. [emphasis added] In addition, New Delhi keeps throwing more and more money at the state: in 2004, the Prime Minister gave Kashmir another $ 5 billion for development. ...
As the current agitation demonstrates, far from gratitude, there is active hatred of India. Pakistan, a small, second-rate country that has been left far behind by India, suddenly acts as though it is on par with us, lecturing India in human rights and threatening to further internationalise the present crisis. ... etc.”

Sanghvi goes on to ask: “So, here’s my question: why are we still hanging on to Kashmir if the Kashmiris don’t want to have anything to do with us?”, and goes further to suggest “If [Kashmiris] opt for independence, they will last for about 15 minutes without the billions that India has showered on them. But it will be their decision.”

URL: Think the Unthinkable

Although I generally dislike Vir Sanghvi's views, I think there is some merit in letting Kashmiris (i.e., the Kashmiri Musims who have driven out or killed off all Hindus) go to hell. If we did that, I have a feeling our inflation rate would drop down to 5 per cent "in 15 minutes".