Friday, August 29, 2008

but here's another keralachristist upholding the best traditions of christism: lying, and disrespecting others

aug 29th, 2008

very nice, francis mone. you'll soon be on the way to being a 'blessed' one like that old bat MT.


witan said...

I have a feeling that Keralam supplies the majority of these Christian Missionary creatures who go all over the country to create trouble whereever they go.

Tranquil said...

Outrageous like arundati roy.

KPS Gill once summed up why we lose. That our " hysteria is followed by denial...and that we fail to SUSTAIN our rage ".

In Mandaikkadu , (Kanyakumari district) when violent riots including rape of hindu women engineered by the missionaries took place , Hindus banded together as a cohesive force and boycotted the ROL fishermen. The latter were brought down to their knees and penury.No missionaries offered any succour.

We Hindus would have won but for one Kunrakkudi Adigalar , who wanted to broker " peace" (the very word makes me wince)He went and picked up a big fish of ROL fishermen crying out:

" Meenu Vaangaliyo Meenu..."
and willynilly, out of deference towards him , Hindus " made peace ".

The innately hostile proclivities just don't disappear with these adhoc measures.

Be it education, health care or Annadhaanam we Hindus are resourceful and capable enough to do it all.But we are not allowed to do.

Now I am wiser.Some hindu group doing " social service" wanted me to contribute for " welfare of indians". I told them, if the beneficiaries are ROP and ROL, they should seek help from their respective caretakers not from me the sucker hindu.

Yes I was branded " selfish, arrogant, hard hearted...".

So what???