Thursday, August 28, 2008

river bomb courtesy prachanda?

aug 28th, 2008

i guess the nepalese communists have learned quickly from the chinese how to use rivers to attack india. the chinese did this successfully with the sutlej river bomb a couple of years ago.


karyakarta92 said...

This week, I had an e-mail war with a long forgotten friend from college, because I was hearing from him after a decade and a half and that too in the context of an unsolicited e-mail campaign by him to protest against "india " for allegedly flooding Nepal! This fellow was a Nepalese Hindu and a Brahmin to boot, but the idiot sounded totally brainwashed by the christist Prachanda's bull crap and consumed by hatred of "India". What a pity ....
The christists will dispense with these useful idiots, but it is Hindu Nepal that stands to lose

Anonymous said...

Good point, nizhal 'yoddha'.

And I suppose all earthquakes in the region are caused by drum beats and foot stamping of the performers at the beijing olympics, right?

DarkStorm said...

Actually, we can control such "river bombs" if we build huge dams on the rivers to control the floods. The dams might have a capacity such that it is only 50% full during a flood. (Ok ok, waste of money and resources, but security is important, isnt it)

Nepal or China cannot control the waters of a river beyond a limit , otherwise it would flood their own lands. They would have to release it sometime. And when they do, we need to be ready.

Sadly, we cannot change geography.

Tranquil said...

No river bomb or eco terrorism.

"..sources said the devastation could have been avoided had the government taken action in time.

Under the 1954 agreement between the governments of Nepal and India, the eastern embankment was built in 1959. Around 59km of the embankment falls in Nepal, while 211km lies in Bihar.

The Bihar government’s water resources department is supposed to repair and maintain the embankment in Nepal and India with funds granted by New Delhi.

Subsequent Bihar governments have said repair and maintenance of the embankment suffered in the last 15 years because of the “violent” Maoist movement in Nepal. “Owing to the law and order problem, Bihar engineers were wary of working there,” said former chief minister Jagannath Mishra.

The 1959 treaty also laid down that dams would be built on the Nepal side to check the water flow, but so far none has been planned.

Sources pointed out that a lot of money has gone down the drain instead towards building bungalows and rest houses in the region. For instance, the state government has two spanking rest houses at Balmiki Nagar on the Indo-Nepal border that serves more for the “recreation” of the state’s VIPs rather than maintaining vigil on the barrage and embankment.

The sources recalled that the last major repair and maintenance work on the embankment took place way back in 1993. “The situation turned grave this year with the turbulent river changing its course and in the process breaching the embankment already weakened by the lack of repair work at two places,” said former state water resources minister Jagdanand Singh ".