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Do not tame the poisonous snakes in Kashmir

aug 27th, 2008

there is an actual national mohammedan left in india? i thought the last one was jawaharlal nehru. (that statement was courtesy sardar patel).

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Do not tame the poisonous snakes in Kashmir

Thursday, 28 August 2008, 10:03 am
Column: Tanveer Jafri

Do not tame the poisonous snakes in Kashmir

By Tanveer Jafri
In India there is an attempt to create communal based division as it was in 1947, in Jammu & Kashmir state, again. If we give an ear to the persons having separatist thoughts, the condition is worse than 1947. It was hoped that the flame of separatist thought will rise high one day. All the governments may be of Jammu & Kashmir or United Progressive Alliance (UPA) of the centre or previous National democratic alliance (NDA) or the congress governments in centre have been taming the separatist's leaders under the pretest of discussion for the last 20 years. It is misfortunate that the separatist leaders have talked of freedom of Kashmir just for a trifle that is a piece of land to be given to Amarnath shrine board. To talk of economic blockade of Kashmir valley is simply a pretest. If we talk of the sale of apples of the apple producer of valley, the goods can be sent to the other parts of India by air routs. Home minister of India, Shiv Raj Patil has requested to Indian Army, Jammu Kashmir police and to the other institutions like schools of Jammu & Kashmir to purchase these apples. But as the separatist leaders have talked about the economic blockade and incited the Kashmiri people to move towards Muzzfarabad in Pak occupied Kashmir, it has become obvious that the separatist leaders of the valley want separation of Kashmir from India and nothing else.
Now the question arises that how far a handful of separatist leader will go on misguiding the Kashmir people in the name of religion? Will the government of India be cheated for the article 370 even in future in J&K? These few peoples who play drama of Kashmirism and Kashmir culture when lakhs of Kashmir natives had to leave Kashmir valley? They had to leave their hereditary houses and at present are spending their lives as homeless people in other parts of India? The crowd that is being incited by the border today should look at the events of the other sides of the border. They must look at the internal circumstances of the countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh that had come into existence on the basis of religion. They should specially have the look at the circumstances of Pakistan towards which they wants to move.
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Tranquil said...

But isn't nehru a muslim? Son of some ghazi? Indira married to Feroze khan( not gandhi)an iranian muslim...

Any book detailing their background gets proscribed in India.