Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Bangladesh" carries out Hot pursuit into Indian territory

It is perhaps a measure of the shrinkage of er, Indian sovereignty under the anti-national UPA regime and fascist bureaucrat Manmohan Singh that in addition to Lebensraum grabbing, "Bangladesh" now feels emboldened to actually violate the Indian border and indulge in "Hot pursuit" into Indian territory. Could there possibly be a more bitter irony?


Rezwan said...

Well these violations are not one sided. Indian BSF also does it regularly. I can site many examples including this:


There is no need to think about imaginary issues and invoke emotions of hatred. Proper border integrity should be maintained by two sides and with mutual understanding.

Sameer said...

seen the link?
Its from Xinhua
ha ha..

Yes we know how Beggardesh maintains border 'integrity'.
Smuggling, kidnapping, raiding, demographic warfare etc etc.

Rezwan said...

I see that you don't believe in anything else than Indian newspaper propaganda. I could quote the Bangladeshi newspapers (http://www.thedailystar.net/story.php?nid=46389) & TV News (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqMRQAN6wKo). Bangladesh has also officially lodged a complaint to Indian govt. on this infiltration. check from your govt. if you like. How can you run away from the truth?

Anyway what can I expect from a person who can belittle others because of pre-conceived hatred. Do you treat any person like this in front of you because he/she is Bangladeshi and feel free to disrespect their country? Is this a new kind of racism?

Your profanity tells a lot about you and from where you have crawled.

nizhal yoddha said...

this is rich. indians infiltrating into bangladesh. pray, for what? all the riches in the basket case nation of the region? is this another example of al-taqiya? in case you are not aware of the facts, there are millions of illegal bangladeshi immigrants living in india, as economic refugees. because their country is so benighted.

i don't think you understand, rezwan. think india = russia and bangladesh = georgia. if the indian leaders had any cojones, they would crush your soon-to-be-waterlogged country if it dared even sneeze loudly. unfortunately we have the kkkangress in power.

and puleeeeze, don't talk about your clean language. your guys come to our country and commit terrorism. we tolerate that. so you can tolerate a little name-calling. if you don't like it, feel free to not read this blog. it is not racism to expose your religious hatred and bigotry against hindus, as taslima nasrin did. we all know what you did to her.

TambiDude said...

dai beggerdeshi rezwan

You cultureless ingrates forgot that we saved you from large scale genocide in 1971.

BTW are you fair skinned. If yes, you might be interested in reading this.

Book: Liberty or death
Author: Patric French
Page: 421
When I was in Pakistan (in 1996), nobody had been very concerned about Bangladesh.
The war of 1971 was a forgotten embarrassment, although most people
were vaguely agreed that it had been a mistake to have one country
in two separate halves. There was little guilt, or even knowledge,
about the atrocities that had been carried out against their fellow
Pakistanis in the east. In thr words of one retired official in Lahore,
the Bengalis were 'just black fellows with monkey beards' -- colonial
subjects who had been a liability to the exchequer, and could now be

Tahira Mazhar Ali, the political activist and daughter of the Punjabi leader
Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan, was the only person who had become noticeably
angry when talking about the treatment of the East Pakistanis. She told me a
story about a demonstration by a women's group against the military
action at the time.
We were all span upon and then arrested by the police. As we were being
taken away one woman, just a woman from the bustis[slums] shouted,
"When the flower falls from the hair of the Bengali girl, it is the
Punjabi girl who weeps". That was an incredible moment but most
people weren't thinking along those lines at all. I can remember at
one official function where there was a group of women, wives of
members of the elite, and I overheard one laughing to the others
"What does it matter if women in Bengal are being raped by our soldiers?
At least the next generation of Bengalis will be better looking."
that was the kind of attitude you found here in 1971, and it is
still around today.