Monday, August 18, 2008

Mob ransacks NDTV office in Jammu

Incidentally the mob was also searching for one Ms. Barkha Dutt...


kudva said...

We don't need enemies when we have "Human Rights activists" like Gautam Navlakha

karyakarta92 said...

The Hindu resistance needs to emulate this "direct action" at NDTV, Star News ,CNN-IBN locations all over the country. Seriously, the seditious Jihadi propaganda being broadcast openly by these
"SECULAR" fascists is getting intolerable. One wonders about the existence of Indian "SOVEREIGNTY".
Does such a creature exist anymore? Or is just an object of
"secularist" mythology?
Separatist traitors need to be taught a lesson now. This is a good beginning.

Eternalsoul said...

BJP would do well to counter these 'sickular' media moves by getting their own newspaper printed. Its high time the public gets weaned from these seditious hyenas who influence and mould public opinion to their twisted motives.