Monday, August 18, 2008

Telugu Actor Chiranjeevi's entry into politics

This blog does not dabble in tinsel trivia and there is nothing about this actor specifically that would ordinarily attract the chagrin of Hindu nationalists. However, the prominent eulogy of that dead Ghoul of Calcutta cannot escape notice of the discerning eye.

I'd like to believe that this person is sincere and that his entry into politics is motivated by
altruistic reasons :-( Worship of that She idol of the evangelical vampires, however points to the emergence of a Samuel Reddy Mark 2.
Is it indicative of new demographic realities in the state of Andhra Pradesh that even a popular
megastar like this feels it is obligatory to pay ritual obeisance to that wicked ghoul? Have the christists reached critical mass in A.P? Enquiring minds want to know......

"I am not into politics for the sake of posts or power but for the
satisfaction and peace of mind. God has given me popularity and money. It can't
tempt me," he said.The actor said he was inspired by Mother Teresa, who
dedicated her life to serve the needy
. "Hence my first public meeting is being
organised on August 26, her birth anniversary. I will speak how her life
inspired me and what I want to do," he said.Mother Teresa's picture was
along with those of Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar and Jyoti Rao Phule in
his background. "I am inspired by all these great personalities," he


hUmDiNgEr said...

Chiranjeevi is no saint. He might be a megastar in Andhra but he belongs to the same class of Samuel Reddy etc. If you look at the sample memorandum of his party, you would know.
If he comes into power::
he wants to scrap the reforms in electricity distribution and transmission which were started by Chandrababy Naidu
Work with commies ( doesnt this say abt the person)
Implement reservations a la Tam model..etc
Basically, all his party goals are well appreciated and supported by "sickularism".He already started talking about Mohammedans in Andhra.
His party would make Andhra more divided on caste lines as most of the kapu naidus support him blindly and the war is now triangular among Reddy of Congress, Kamm Naidus of TDP and Kapu Naidus of Chiranjeevi.....

Andhra is already gone to dogs like YSR and I dont see any hope for Andhra in near future. My beloved state bleeds... :(((

Anonymous said...

Bwhahaha..Teresa a role model, why not make Benny Hinn or Pat Robertson your ideals? Looks like Chiru has to be given a dose of reality check that Teresa was no more than a conversion freak and beggar who asked for money for the poor but never gave it to the poor instead it sat in the banks. Google for Christopher Hitchens (The Missionary Position) and Dr Aroup Chatterjee (Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict).

Eternalsoul said...

Chiranjeevi might be a closet catholic xtian.

A Novel Self said...

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