Monday, August 11, 2008

Gujarat police release sketches of Sufi monks

No doubt, victims of "Poverty and Illiteracy" and deserving beneficiaries of affirmative action by the GOI Dhimmis. These fellows apparently misunderstood the "Religion of Peace" and it's gentle message for mankind. Since the received Nehru-Gandhian wisdom enjoins that
terrorists have NO religion, their actions are clearly un-Islamic. In fact, these "misguided youth" are probably adherents of some tiny, non-mainstream deviant sect such as "Sufi", "Qadiani", "Ahmaddiya" or whatever ....
If you're in India, these Sufis could be anywhere in your midst - neighbours, co-workers etc.
Please contact the Gujarat police (and not any agency under the Kaangress thumb) if you happen to spy these gentle proponents of "inner spiritual struggle", i.e. Jihad.


witan said...

Congress puts up Fake Shankaracharya to attack Modi
The following news item appeared in The Statesman today
Cong wants CBI probe into Surat bombs
The Statesman | Tuesday, 12 August 2008
NEW DELHI, Aug. 11: The Congress today demanded a CBI probe into the planting of nearly 25 bombs in Surat, none of which exploded, holding that if the Gujarat government is itself not a suspect in this affair it should willingly hand over the case to the country’s premier investigative agency.
Referring to the statement made last week by Puri Shankaracharya Adhokshanand Devteerth in Guwahati in which he alleged that the discovery of many live bombs in Surat was a conspiracy hatched by the Gujarat chief minister, Mr Narendra Modi, himself to polarise society on communal lines afresh and reap its political dividends, the AICC spokesman, Mr Manish Tewari, said Mr Modi and the state government should come clean on this matter. Close on the heels of the recent serial terror blasts in Ahmedabad, a spate of live bombs had surfaced all over Surat ~ on the roadside and atop tree branches and hoardings, among some curious places. The senior AICC leader, Mr Digvijay Singh, has also again repeated his allegation that “Whenever the BJP finds itself in a bind, bomb blasts take place in the country”.
The “shankaracharya” mentioned in the news is apparently a FAKE: For example, please see the following:
Congress puts up Fake Shankaracharya to attack Modi
Is this shankaracharya for real?
M I Khan in Bhubaneswar/Puri
Is the man claiming to be the shankaracharya of the Govardhan Math in Puri a fraud? Is he a shankaracharya at all? Apparently, he is on a ‘fact-finding’ mission in Jammu and Kashmir and has been talking to Hurriyat Conference politicians about the strife in the valley and possible solutions.
A statement issued by Swami Gopalanand Saraswati, official spokesman of the Govardhan Math, said the Puri shankaracharya, Swami Nischalanand Saraswati, is touring Uttar Pradesh and is likely to return on July 1. He told that the person claiming to be the Puri shankaracharya was not Swami Nischalanand Saraswati.
Swami Gopalanand said the imposter’s real name was Adhokshjananda Tirth. He hails from Varanasi (Benaras) and claims to be a disciple and successor of Swami Niranjandev devatirtha, the previous shankaracharya of the Puri Math.
“The Puri shankaracharya is aged about 60 while the person whose picture appeared in some newspapers is about 28 years old,” he said adding that the latter had nothing to do with the Govardhan Math. He said news about the Puri shankaracharya meeting Kashmiri politicians was misleading.
The Govardhan Math is one of four holy shrines established by Adi Shankaracharya. Swami Niranjandev devatirtha, the previous shankaracharya, had bestowed the title on Swami Nischalanand Saraswati. Swami Gopalananda said the Orissa government recognises Swami Nischalanand Saraswati as the shankaracharya of Puri. “Even the United Nations recognises him,” he said.
Apparently, this is not the first time Adhokshjananda has claimed to be the shankaracharya of Puri. About six years back, he appeared in Puri to stake claim to the title. Finding no takers, he left after a short stay.
At that time, Orissa Law Minister and Janata Dal politician Narasingha Mishra had revealed that the last 144 shankaracharyas of Puri had held the title of devatirtha. Swami Niranjandev had willed Nischalananda as his successor only on condition that he would earn the title devatirtha before becoming a full-fledged shankaracharya because he was only a saraswati.
Mishra told that the endowment commissioner, nevertheless, recognised Swami Nischalanand Saraswati as the shankaracharya.
Sources in Puri said that Adhokshjananda has the support of some unscrupulous persons, including a few politicians. Last January, the personal assistant of former prime minister P V Narasimha Rao, N K Sharma, allegedly accompanied him during his Puri visit. While Swami Nischalananda Saraswati enjoys the support of the Sangh Parivar, Adhokshjananda has the backing of the anti-Sangh Parivar group in the Bharatiya Janata Party and outside.
He has been misleading people by claiming to be the Puri shankaracharya. Apparently, some sadhus from Varanasi are projecting him as the shankaracharya, and even some pandas (priests) of the Puri Jagannath temple support him.
People even speak of a conspiracy to provide him a seat on the rath (chariot) during the world-famous rathyatra with the help of some pandas. The yatra will be shown on television and Adhokshjananda will be projected as the real shankaracharya, sources said.

AGworld said...

This link is not working... can you pls provide the URL?

witan said...

Presumably, it is the links in my post that are not working.
Explicitly, they are:
("Cong wants CBI probe into Surat bombs")

("Is this shankaracharya for real?")

It is strange, because just after I posted (in Opera 9.51), I tested the links and they worked. Now I am in Firefox 3.

witan said...

Congress puts up Fake Shankaracharya to attack Modi contd.

Here is a link to the same story published in the Indian Express
“Terror politics: Cong wants probe into Surat bombs
Press Trust Of India”

siva said...

Modi’s police handing over terror investigation to CBI? In your dreams CONgress morons.

What has the CONgress done in last 4 years to capture, convict and punish Islamic barbarians… heck they do not have guts to even hang already convicted terrorist Afzal. Now they have the temerity to politicize attack on Gujarat? I hope people remember this during next elections.