Monday, August 25, 2008

what the white guys think of kashmir

aug 25th, 2008

note: not a word about 400,000 hindus ethnically cleansed from kashmir.

i saw another article in the washpost which said "6,000" hindus were ethnically cleansed. and another in a paki paper which said "2,000" mohammedans were burned to death in gujarat (no mention of the 59 hindus who *were* actually burned to death).

unbelievable how the indian secular (= anti-hindus) are feeding the white guys. who anyway want to curry favor with mohammedans.


Anonymous said...

Do not worry too much about the 'usual' trash dished out by the whiteys and descendants of their convicts.What else to expect from the coolies of the outposts who yearn to be accepted in london.

Jos said...

We know what the west thought of Russia's handling of Chechnya. It's best to ignore them. But, Russia had Putin & we have Sonia. That's what is worrying me.