Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fireworks faked for Olympic opening ceremony

aug 13th, 2008

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From: Arvind

More deception from the Chinese.

Organisers of the spectacular opening Olympic ceremony in China are reported to have admitted that some of the fireworks broadcast on television were actually computer-generated images.

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Tranquil said...

Nitpicky and egregiously envious indians betraying their churlishness by this pavlovian China bashing ! No longer " useful idiots" but shining as utterly useless idiots.

On the one hand, environmentalists breast beat about " poor air quality, smog, pollution...." .So KUDOS to CHINA that it came up with this!!!

Instead of polluting.

During Diwali rambunctious firecrackers bursting, how much more indians act irresponsibly , having no care for heart patients, children, senior citizens! Do you have any idea at all?

When you point your finger at China the rest of your fingers are mocking at you!