Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yankee fugitive a Christist cult member?

Truly Stunning and Sinister indications of Abrahamic terrorist synergy. A previous thread on this blog pertaining to the Yankee fugitive gave him the benefit of doubt and focused only on the mysterious circumstances of his flight. The fellow is apparently no innocent "businessperson". He is actually a christist evangelical wolf in "multi-national executive" clothing, probably just one of many thugs using this modus operandi to spread hateful christist evangelical propaganda.

Another modus operandi of foreign missionary infiltration into India is "international exchange students". (As an aside - I have personal anecdotal evidence of this stratagem having met with such "students" in India and with prospective "students" in the US. Many years ago, when I was an intern at a software company, one of my tasks was to create websites and register them with search engines. One of these sites was for a Christist church - with operations in India. P.S - I billed the hyenas for it, but never really"registered" their loser website. ROTFL . As a grad student, I was also offered a paid "opportunity" to translate evangelical literature into Indian languages which I refused. In retrospect, I should have taken that "opportunity"and translated Christopher Hitchens instead)

It is hard to believe that a suspect in such a prominent terrorist attack could simply disappear into thin air. This crazy evangelical's "escape" is reminiscent of the defection of RAW agent, Rabinder Singh to the US via Nepal. One need not be a romantic conspiracy theorist or extreme cynic to disbelieve assertions of this fellow's innocence or believe in the culpability of anti-Hindu, anti-national UPA "SECULAR" fascist brutes in facilitating his "free passage".

This is not some concoction of the"Right wing Hindu fundamentalist" imagination. Rediff says so and disgusted Yankee ex-members of this death cult say so. Therefore, it must be true.
This is incontrovertible evidence that the UPA coalition is the Vatican's puppet regime of tin pot dictators in India.

And why is India's ATS negating this fugitive's association with the lunatic Christist cult? It is a significant aspect of the immediate terrorist incident, investigating which might unravel sinister Christo-Mohammedan collaboration in terrorism.

Why is this aspect being brushed under the carpet? And at whose instance?
.........................But Haywood's unorthodox departure has put the
spotlight on his employer, Campbell White, which presents itself as a trainer in soft skills with offices across India. Its
website details its expertise in imparting soft skills, and has undergone major changes since L'affaire Haywood, and there's an explanation for why its staffers have been reduced to mere first names, and directing all queries to one email id:
Interestingly, Haywood doesn't feature on its list of employees. The Indian Express reported on August 14 that the company's Mumbai office 'is located in two small adjoining
rented rooms on the ground floor of Sanpada railway station complex', and that
'the two rooms also serve as prayer rooms on Sundays and Thursdays for Potter's
A notice on the wall says community service has been cancelled until further notice and is signed by Haywood.'
Potter's House is part of the
Christian Fellowship Ministries based in Arizona (Haywood's home state,
incidentally), and appears under a number of different monikers: the Door
Christian Centre, La Puerta, Potter's House, and Victory Chapel.

US media accounts of the group, which date back to the early 1980s, paint the group as a far-right Christian cult, determined to evangelise the entire world. It's been the subject of scathing critiques, including some by former members.
One former member, Steve Schoner, was so affected by his experiences that he created 'Life After Potter House' a
website for those attempting to leave the group.
Haywood reportedly was personally ordained as a minister by Wayman Mitchell, founder of CFM. Though he resented himself as a corporate executive in India, people in his hometown say otherwise. In e-mail correspondence with some from Arizona, has learned that Kenneth Haywood was/is a pastor at the Flagstaff Christian
Fellowship. When asked why he left Arizona, was told that he had
"become a missionary".
So what is the link between Campbell White and Potter House? Was Haywood the only common element between the two? In the past, Mitchell has pointed to India as a country where CFM could make significant inroads. And Haywood is seemingly not the only Campbell White employee with links to CFM. The Internet is full of postings and message boards about many of its past employees having similar links.Today, the additional commissioner of police in the Anti-Terrorism Squad, Parambir Singh, told that the ATS was not focused on Haywood's possible association with Potter's House Church, and is more concerned with determining the origin of the terror e-mail...............


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Constable should be hauled over the coals

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This is an opportunity to go after all those missionaries conning our people.