Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More cheating by Chinese

aug 13th, 2008

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From: Arvind

The Chinese have underage girls in their gymnastics team that won the gold. One girl is even missing a baby tooth.
"But one of the girls (He) is missing a (baby) tooth in the front (of her mouth). They are very small and people do not know how old they really are. I do not know either.",8599,1832312,00.html

Another local-level competition roll had the date of birth of Jiang, who is only 32 kg (70.5 lbs.), as October 1, 1993, making her also 14. And from 2004-2006, the biographical data for Yang on the State General Administration of Sport's website listed her date of birth as August 26, 1993, one year later than what Beijing Olympic records show. Responding to a New York Times article that reported on questions about He and Jiang's ages, Zhang Hongliang, a Chinese gymnastics official, suggested that perhaps local sports authorities had listed their ages incorrectly, but insisted that their passports were fault-free.

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