Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minorities to Dominate US

According to NYT, US census data indicates that within a generation, whites will be reduced to a minority in America.


Shivaji's Blog said...

I find it very interesting how this story has been written in many, but not all, of the US newspapers. In many, the reporting was expressed as a kind of a clarion call for white people to "wake up" and start having more kids or else they'll be overrun by the brown and yellow hordes.

It looks like white people don't have to worry about failing education, bankrupt social security, or rising energy. They just need to start fucking as much as possible.

Put down that book Johnny! Go talk to Jane, take her out, knock her up! LOOK AROUND YOU! Those Indians and Chinese are stealing our jobs, the blacks are stealing from us, and the mexicans are taking the blue-collar jobs!!!!

Shivaji's Blog said...

Incidentally, where is Christian these days? I wonder how he feels about his white masters becoming a minority? I mean...who will tell him what and how to worship, when to wake up, when to shit, when to wipe his ass, etc.?

Tranquil said...

shivaji's blog,

But they have been at it, with more stealth ever since the late Pope asked them to "reap a rich harvest of souls" in Asia.

Don't you know, in India now you have " Yesu Bhagavatham ", Jesus in lotus pose with kamandalu and abhaya hastham. All murals very much Indian. And a lot more.Now AP reddycryptogaaru is subsidizing their herd of sheep travel to Jerusalem all BRAZENLY plundered from Tirupathi Temple and all Hindu Temples.

I will tell you a joke:-
" When a churchianity peddler was walking towards the church , the Devil seated there requested him to bless Him too.

He refused.

The Devil said:
If you don't bless me , I will die.Without me how are you going to survive? How would you justify your very presence??

Bernard Shaw warned them much earlier:

" By taking Christianity to SAVAGES , you are actually CONVERTING Christianity into SAVAGERY ".

Shivaji's Blog said...

Other interesting gora propagandist instances:

1. Have any of you seen the movie "Firewall" with Harrison Ford? There is one very interesting scene where this Indian It professional is struggling to solve a difficult problem. Well, Harrision Ford, the brilliant white man, comes to the rescue and solves the problem within seconds!

Gee...I wonder why they had to use an Indian guy for this role??? Hmmmm. Was it to placate the white man?

2. The entire movie "300" - My question is - if all of the Spartans died who would have been left behind to write the legend???


Do you really believe that the hero of the film, Leonidas, kicked a black man who has a nose ring down a well? Do you really think that Xerxes was some kind of giant mutant pierced face looking weirdo? Did you notice that the Spartans, "the GOOD white guys" battled all the non-white hordes? If you notice all the enemies represented the different non-white groups - middle easterners, Indians, Orientals, etc.

Very interesting.

Tranquil said...

Apropos the above comment,

No. This I don't agree with you AT ALL ! Period.

That is too much.I simply give the WHITE MAN credit where it is due.

I stick to facts mostly contemporary. Not conjecturing.

This is simply like bollykollyindianidiots refusing to acknowledge the WHITE MAN's GENIUS.

Only recently for instance I saw that Iranian women are exercise buffs and can row with expertise.

I am not a FANATIC.

Only a VEDIC ADVAITI ALONE is bereft of fanaticism.
Not interested in subsequent verbal rebuttal with ANYONE! PERIOD.