Sunday, August 24, 2008

Orissa - VHP's Anti conversion Swami Swami Lakshmanananda, four others killed

aug 24th, 2008

no prizes, indeed.

the godman comes to india and declares on deepavali that he's going to harvest.

christists have a modus operandi of using automatic weapons. they killed bineshwar brahma in tripura the same way. gun-toting christists have been terrorising hindus in the northeast. now they are extending their domain to the south.

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No prizes for guessing who might be behind this vicious attack.

Swami Lakshmanananda, four others killed

KalingaTimes Correspondent

Bhubaneswar, Aug 23: Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Swami Lakshmanananda Sarawaswti and four others were killed when a group of armed men attacked his Jalespata ashram in Kandhamal district of Odisha on Saturday night.

A letter with a threat to eliminate the Swami was received at the ashram at Jalespata under Tumudibanda Block of the tribal-dominated backward district on Friday.

The attack took place around 9 pm and all the five persons died on the spot, according to VHP sources. The victims included a woman Sanyasin.

While confirming the attack, police sources said the attackers used automatic weapons and bombs. They were suspected to be Maoists, source added.

While the police and administration officials had reached the spot, senior officials from other districts had rushed to the region to take control over the situation.

Additional police forces were being mobilised for deployment in different parts of Kandhamal that has a sizeable number of Christian population.

Superintendents of Police in other districts of the state also been alerted, according to the police.

The district had experienced communal violence in December last year. Several persons were killed and hundred hundreds of houses were burnt during the violence that continued for several days.

The communal violence had started following an attack on the Swami a day before Christmas.


witan said...

This is absolutely terrible. In many of the nmwpapers, the killing is attributed to "Maoists", and the police itself is apparently giving out the same news. However, anybody who has followed the earlier news (e.g., see:; figuring Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, a selfless Hindu seer who has [or, sadly, had] been working for the socio-economic development of the local people for over four decades, would suspect CHRISTIAN "evangelist" terrorists.

Ghost Writer said...

I have read all the major Indian English newspapers on the Internet just now - no flaming editorials about democracy in danger or self-righteous calls "deploring" the dastardly act.

Compare this with the treatment in the Graham Satines case - these alienated hounds deserve more of treatment that NDTV got in Jammu. Once they get beat up this 'secular' disease will be cured

Arvind said...

No one, not even the cops believe that the Naxalites were behind this. That is why they have protected the churches.

Hindu said...

I wonder what would have happened if a missionary faced the same fate....the so called secular media will start gunning for VHP and Hindu Fanatics(as they cutely call us).
As long they are united and we're divided the story goes on...

Shivaji's Blog said...

Let's see...

1. Maoists want to annihilate Hinduism.

2. Christists want to annihilate Hinduism

3. Jihadists want to annihilate Hinduism.

4. India is ruled by a half-wit barely literate foreigner wherein if ANY Hindu dares to contest against her, they will be marked for assassination.

5. India's richest and holiest shrines are plundered by christist chief ministers appointed by its ruler. These funds are used to harvest Hindus.

6. Even the ugliest poorest goras are able to get married to Indian supermodels.

7. China wants to nuke India into oblivion.

8. Bangladesh wants to destroy Hindu culture.

9. Pakistan wants to annihilate India.

10. The Vatican wants to harvest our souls through Madame Sonia.

11. All Tirupati donations are funneled to hire defense lawyers for pedophile catholic priests. This is true...believe it or not.

ONE BILLION people are held in the iron fist and under the heel of ONE FOREIGNER. At least the British ruled us from the point of several hundred thousand guns! Now a BILLION HINDUS are held hostage by ONE SINGLE WOMAN.

Simply amazing.

The only people who don't want to annihilate Hinduism are Jews.

Why don't we just yell SHALOM and then walk to the slaughterhouse like the lambs we are. Hopefully someone will pity us.

How sad.

Shivaji's Blog said...

Interestingly the Hindu Holocaust is also occurring in the US in a different manner.

I have a client who over the years has become a close friend. This man is a religious Hindu and a very prominent business owner. This man has done extremely well and he's sheltered his kids and has tried to instill strong Dharmic values in his kids.

Anyway his daughter went to college and one day she came home and said that she had met a guy and that she wanted to marry him. In any case, this guy is a gora and he's an evangelical christist from Alabama - real rabid type. Anyway, her father (my close associate) isn't too happy, but he respects his daughter's wishes and they fix a date for the wedding. Then the funny stuff starts happening - first the daughter states that she doesn't want a Hindu wedding. Parents say OK. Then she says that her fiance' doesn't want Indian food at the wedding. Parents say OK. After a few weeks, the daughter comes in totally depressed with a nervous breakdown. The parents admit her to the ER and after a couple days the daughter says that her fiance' has called off the wedding because the bride's family family (my associate) has not accepted christ! He says that he will only agree to marry my friend's daughter unless she turns over her multi-milion dollar trust fund to a large evangelical mission. My friend called me at 1 AM one morning and he asks to meet me at my office. He then proceeds to tell me that his daughter has threatened to kill herself if he doesn't turn over all her trust-fund money to this charity.

In the end, my friend pays up. What can he do?

This is absolutely fucking unbelievable. The sick part is when I saw this christist guy, he has to be one of the most unimpressive individuals I have ever seen. My friend's daughter looks like a Priyanka Chopra. She's stunning. The thing that boiled my blood was that after my friend turned over his daughter's $2.5 million dollar trust to this evangelical group, this evangelical guy had the gall to ask for a trip to Hawaii!!!!

I know of one other instance where a family friend whose daughter got sucked in by an evangelical group on campus. She got baptized and then she also turned over her trust fund to mother ghoul of calcutta. Her trust was in the amount of $600K.

I cannot verify this statement but one Hindu guy has told me that evangelical groups have a database of rich non-christians - Jews, Buddhists, and especially Hindus and that they specifically use men and women to ensnare the poor dumb impressionable children and get them to extort money out of their families. Obviously, this tactic doesn't work on Muslims. They are way too strong.

I have some close Jewish friends who tell me that there are many Jewish men and women who end up marrying evangelicals and giving up their Jewish faith.

So sad. This is too much. We are absolutely losing the battle.

Uddharet said...

Response to "Shivaji's Blog" post about his close Hindu friend and the daughter:
The following seems to be one of the tricks used by the Mohammedists for capturing Hindu girls.
Call the girl classmate or colleague for a cup of tea. Spike the tea with sedatives or other "rape drugs". When the girl is comatose, perform a "nikkah". Get it registered in the Registrar's office. Threaten the girl with dire consequences to herself and, especially, to her parents, siblings etc. if she tries to escape the "marriage". It has happened, and will continue to happen as long as the self styled "secularist" parties are ruling our country. It is time for Hindus to rise and protect themselves.

AGworld said...

The reason it does not work on muslims is simple: they'll cut your head off (or your cojones) if you try a stunt like this.

No such downside associated with raping hindus.