Monday, August 18, 2008

"Bangladeshis" commence Pogrom in Assam

Having reached critical mass through steady demographic warfare over the decades and enthused by the Hindu hating UPA fascist regime's open collusion with the Jihadi agenda, the "Bangladeshis" see no more utility in Taqiya stealth tactics. They're pursuing a naked pogrom to destroy all remaining vestiges of Hinduism in Assam.

The Ahom chauvinist ULFA gets its share of the Biryani and has been co-opted in the Mohammedan scheme of things. Is anyone in the Indian tabloids taking cognisance of this REAL conspiracy to alter the demographic character of a state of the Union and sever yet another limb of the motherland? How many incidents of "Direct Action" need to occur, for example, at NDTV offices before the Dhimmis start displaying any semblance of concern for national interest?


Shankar said...

Assam's best defense is Assamese. Bengali and Hindi may be Indian languages but their growth will weaken Assam. Bengali, especially, is not in Assam's interest. We need common medium in govt and private schools upto primary school level.

Don't let emotion cloud your judgement. But don't runaway from the problem either.

murali said...

Agreed.But why is ULFA colluding with jehadis

Non Carborundum said...

I completely fail to understand this. From what I know ULFA is quite anti-Bangladeshi and anti-Muslim and the Ahoms are proud Hindus.

Ahoms are ethnically "Tai" people. One can see vestiges of Hindu culture in Taiwan and Thailand. In fact, Ramayana is more popular in Thailand than in India.

Agreed, ULFA has been anti-India in its actions but its colluding with jehadis is a bit difficult to stomach. I also believe that like the Khalistan problem, the ULFA problem can be tackled and Ahom Chauvinists can be brought over to India's side(unlike the mossie problem).