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aug 13th, 2008

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Let NRI hindus who wax eloquent on Hindu concerns and issue fiery
statements on the Net  launch a vigorous campaign to block the visit
of Kashmir's Muslim leaders to the US and EU citing ethnic cleansing
crimes., denial of religious freedom and human rights violations.  If
a clutch of activists can block Narendra Modi why can't tens of
thousands of Hindus in the US and EU do it to Kashmir's criminal
Muslim leaders? Problem with our NRI lot as well as Hindus at home is
that they lack guts and, unlike Hindus in Jammu, are anatomically
deficient. Nothing would delight me more than being proved wrong. Let
Hindus in the US and EU walk their tall talk. Rgds. K.

Anti-Modi coalition claims backing of 27 US lawmakers for continued ban on
his entry

S. Rajagopalan

  Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi may have no plans to visit the
United States in the near future, but the organisation calling itself the
"Coalition Against Genocide" is busy collecting signatures from US
lawmakers, urging the State Department to continue the entry ban on him.

  On Saturday, the coalition announced that 27 lawmakers, led by
Pennsylvania Republican Joseph Pitts, have come out in strong support of its
demand by sending a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

  The coalition swung into action after the Association of Indian Americans
in North America (AIANA) invited Modi to be the chief guest at the World
Gujarati Conference in New Jersey this month-end. Although there was no word
from Modi or the organisers that he has accepted the invitation, the
coalition has kept up the offensive against any American sojourn by him.

  According to the coalition, which projects itself as "a diverse spectrum
of organisations and individuals", the lawmakers have urged Rice to take
note of "the serious human rights violations, persecution of minorities and
total disregard of religious freedom practise in direct contravention of
International Human Rights norms and treaties".

  Excerpts released by the coalition quoted the lawmakers as saying in
their letter that "Mr Modi and his administration closed the files on over
2,000 police cases where the victims filed reports of rapes, killings and
destruction of their property".

  "They drew specific attention to the plight of the 100,000 victims of
genocide unable to return to their homes, followed by the continuous
attempts to obstruct a legitimate and fair trial to bring the perpetrators
of the 2002 communal genocide to justice," the coalition said.

  It said that similar letters were written earlier by two other lawmakers
-- Betty McCollum and Joe Sestak, both Democrats -- and the US Commission on
International Religious Freedom to press for the continued entry ban on


karyakarta92 said...

I agree that the vocal lobbying by a few is an outrage. These lobbyists are in all likelihood rabid Mullah/Missionary, psec types who have landed up to pollute the USA with their "Indian"
brand of dhimmitude. This certainly needs to be countered by nationalist minded Hindus in the USA. However, I reject the implication about Hindus, whether NRI or resident Indians being
"anatomically deficient". Being "non-resident" does not automatically disqualify any Hindu from having or giving vent to their
opinions on Hindu concerns, fiery or otherwise. That is precisely the idiotic argument advanced regarding Rajeev & other bloggers by a christist swine who goes by the moniker "Christian" on this blog. And it is not as if the resident Indians are covering themselves with glory when it comes to defending Hindu interests.
The large majority of Indians are passive dhimmis - interested only in their Bollywood, their TV soaps, their tabloid trivia. This state of apathetic existence, sorry to say, is not much better than the existence of any animal.

I think this is what you were alluding to. I have experienced this apathy among both residents and NRIs, even "educated" members of my own extended family, with PhDs. The moment one raises a "Hindu" issue, he gets branded "communal", "radical" etc
and becomes a social pariah.

Several years ago, I initiated a protest in front of a Paki consulate in the US after a massacre of Hindus in Kashmir and only a 100 odd people showed up - mostly Kashmiri Pandits, maybe a couple Gujaratis, 1 Tamil guy, 1 Marathi couple. For this, i'm reputed as a "Hindu radical" among the largely local Indian dhimmis.

There is a lack of support from the dhimmis. Therefore, while NRI Hindus can and do make an effort
(potentially much more) - it is really boots on the ground in India
who can achieve anything substantive.

Hindus in India lie dormant and awake periodically in some regions, ex: the Ayodhya movement, reaction to Godhra etc - but it seems to occur once a decade.

What for example did people across India do to support the Hindu nationalist agitation? BJP, VHP activists went around enforcing a Bandh, but what does the common man do to demonstrate his solidarity with fellow Hindus? Absolutely nothing.

Tranquil said...


You are right. However we need not feel enfeebled at all. I have been fighting in my own self styled way like this. Joining any organization actually renders you impotent and defanged. As hindus in general reduce everything to oneupmanship , who- hogs- the- limelight charade.

I will give you only one example.
There are lots of Tamilians living in close proximity. Sedulously doing pujas and pujas. But when bollykollymolly sluts come they LITERALLY salivate, don trendy clothes, and croon " love thujhe love mae kartha hoon " item numbers.

So I consider this " lack of unity" a Blessing in disguise.