Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin - Who?

That may be your reaction as it was mine - but the truth is that the giant sucking sound you hear is Barrack Hussein's campaign flushing down the toilet

Palin is a good pick because
  1. Her inexperience cannot be criticized - because if Barrack Hussein does that, his own inexperience shows up all the more
  2. The Bubba's will love her Christo-nut, anti-abortion ways. I am not a Christist fan - but I will take their votes if it means beating Barrack Hussein
  3. She will clean-up Hillary voters who feel cheated by the Obama campaign. I cannot over-emphasize this enough - swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania have two key voter categories - white males (who were always with McCain) and single / soccer moms - who will now gravitate to Palin.
The risk is that she may bomb and end-up being a second Dan Quayle, which will sink McCain.

Does not matter to India - Republicans and Democrats are both cut from the same cloth for India. It's just I do not want to see that fake Barrack Hussein win


san said...

Unlike the gaffe-prone Quayle, she is a journalism graduate and former broadcaster (sportscaster). So she can probably manage her own tongue, including even in the heat of debate.

Speaking of gaffe-tendencies, Biden with his belief on all Indians being 7-11 store owners, and his statement that Obama is "the first clean-looking black man" has a tendency to put his foot in mouth as well.

I'd say that if the OJ Simpson verdict aftermath is any guide, then hell hath no wrath like the scorned memsahib lobby. There are going to be a lot of disgruntled Hillary supporters crossing the aisle to McCain, who is himself considered very liberal for a Republican. It's not that much different than Lieberman and Zell Miller having each in turn gone running to the Republicans. Whatever charm Obama may seem to have, his fanatical supporters seem to be good at alienating others with their roughshod tactics. Obama may have benefited from this GoodCop-BadCop game to grab the party nomination, but now he'll pay for it in the showdown with McCain. Aurangzeb Principle in action.

nizhal yoddha said...

palin is apparently no dummy either. the way she wiped the floor with the republican stalwarts of alaska is pretty impressive. and she does look rather good even though she's a 44-year-old mother of five, so all those people oohing and aahing over obama's looks and youth have an in-your-face answer.

in my mind, she has one overpowering virtue: she ain't bobby jindal. i cannot believe that scamster was close to snaring the vp-ship. thank yahweh for small mercies.

coming back to the us election scene, i do believe that a lot of pissed-off clintonista females will desert the party and vote for mccain just because of palin.

so it's back to -- black vs. woman. i do hope the bubbas will come out of the woodwork and wipe out obama.

i think sarah palin is a far more inspired choice than joe biden. we'll have to wait and see if her charisma can match obama's. biden, of course, has the charisma of a doorknob.

Sameer said...

Rajeev, couldnt help notice this co-incidence...
Obama-Biden ~ Osama Bin Laden

Saudi-Chinese Manchuria?

Sajith said...

See this democratic party material - - Barack can call himself/ think himself to be, Jesus, no one cares, but he calls himself to be a hindu god? Total B.S!

WhenKay said...

all said and done, Biden has foreign policy view which has much clearer assessment of neighbourhood and is probably the closest to India's interests. Doesn't that count for something?
Why are you guys so pissed off with Obama?
He says- renewable energy is good. reduce dependence on saudi oil
finish off with Afghanistan before you start a new war.
Both of these are definitelyadyrml good for India.

Arvind said...

in my mind, she has one overpowering virtue: she ain't bobby jindal.

You beat me to it. When I saw the words "Palin is a good pick because . . ." my first thought was "she ain't Bobby Jindal."

kautilya said...

dude, she is just plain hot. this race just got spicy. McCain still has an "eye" for the right mate at 72 ;-)