Monday, August 25, 2008

Haywood is a pastor

aug 25th, 2008

another example of metamorphosis: christist bigot <-> mohammedan terrorist.

this is the fellow from whose email id, it was found, the 'indian mujahideen' sent a message about the bombings in ahmedabad.

but of course, since he is a white christist, he was allowed safe passage out of the country. no question of a white christist being questioned by mere brown hindus. a word to sonia would have sufficed to get him onto a plane.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arvind

The former pastor of a local church has popped up in a rather unlikely place - the offices of India's Anti-Terror Squad.

Kenneth Haywood, formerly the pastor of the Potter's House Christian Fellowship at 2675 Northern Ave., was the subject of an ATS investigation following a series of blasts July 26 in the Indian city of Ahmedabad that left 45 dead and more than 160 injured.


Haywood is a corporate training manager with Campbell White, a self-described "soft skills communication company" that teaches native Indians communication skills for working at American companies.

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