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The volcano of Hindu Fury

aug 26th, 2008

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Dear Friends,

How true what I received is. We all have to think about this deeply.


also see pdf 'the truth about amarnath' posted at rajeev.posterous.com

The volcano of Hindu fury
erupts sometimes

of calling an all-party meet
to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir row,
the government

would do well to try to understand
the fury of Hindus and not limit the scope
of the introspection to
the Amarnath issue.

Are Hindus angry only with the hypocrisy
of the government on the land issue?

Are there no other topics
that make them furious?

Hindus are a peace-loving people.
The average Hindu is easy-going
and accepts you and your diversity,
whether you are
Christian, Muslim, Parsi or Jain, Arab, French or Chinese.
He goes about his business and usually
does not interfere in yours.
In fact they take it a little further:
They hate trouble
and go out of their way to avoid it.

Everywhere in the world,
on the other hand,

Hindus are hounded and humiliated;
be it in Fiji
where an elected government
was twice deposed in an armed coup,
or in Pakistan and Bangladesh,
where Muslims target Hindus every time
they want to vent their anger against India

(read Taslima Nasreen's book Lajja).
There were one million Hindus
in the valley of Kashmir in 1900.
Only a few hundred are left today,
the rest having been forced to flee through terror.
In Assam, Tripura, or Nagaland,
Hindus are being outnumbered by
Bangladeshi illegal immigrants
and terrorised by pro-Christian separatist groups,
such as the Bodos or the Mizos,
while local governments often turn a blind eye.
Their temples
are being taken over in states like
Kerala or Karnataka,
the donations appropriated by the state governments.

Yet in 3,500 years of known existence,
have never invaded another country
and never tried to impose their religion upon others.
No, it has rather been through peaceful
invasions that Hinduism has stormed the world,
whether in the East,
witness Angkor Wat,
or in the West today,

where the byproducts of Hinduism, yoga, meditation,
ayurveda, pranayama have been adopted by millions.

Hindus also gave refuge to
all persecuted minorities of the world.
It's a pity that these two communities turned
against their Hindu brethren,
the former by way of lured conversions,
and the latter with bloody invasions.

who accept everybody and welcome all religions
are mocked and bombs
are planted in their markets,
their trains and temples are attacked,
they are chased out of their homelands;
television and newspapers make fun of them,
their own politicians ostracise them.

So, sometimes,
Enough is Enough.
At some point,
Hindus, the most peace-loving people in the world,
those Mahatma Gandhi once called gently
erupt in fury — uncontrolled fury.

one should condemn the Gujarat pogrom,
one should look also at the causes.

It is not only the 36 innocent
Hindu women and children

who were burnt to death in a train by a mob of criminals.
It is also how much silent frustration
and anger must have built over the years,
decades, or centuries even,
amongst Gujarati Hindus,
that in one moment,
1,25.000 Hindus,
normal, peaceful people,
came out on the streets of Ahmedabad with such fury.

The same thing is true of
Jammu and the Amarnath issue.
Hindus never complain about their government
giving billion of rupees to Indian Muslims
for the pilgrimage to Mecca.
when Hindus need shelters,
toilets and basic facilities at a height of 15,000 feet

to worship at Amarnath,
it is denied by the same government.
So they erupt in fury.
Instead of appealing for calm
and communal harmony,
instead of giving us all this eyewash about
a 500-year-old Dargah
'mostly patronised by Hindus'
political leaders, journalists, and spiritual leaders,
would do well to look at the root cause of
Hindu fury, and try to address their frustrations.

Journalists should also do
a little bit of introspection.
Hindus have had enough. If this government,
or the next, does not take note of their frustrations,
we might very well see more Jammus
erupting in the coming months and years.

Sriram Savarkar ©
Hinduism is more a way of life than a method of worship.
Dharmo Rakshati Rakshithaha
If you protect Dharma, Dharma will in turn protect you.
If people slap you once,
slap them twice!



socal said...

"One should condemn Gujarat pogrom"?!! Communal riots would be the right lexicon.

karyakarta92 said...

What "pogrom"? If at all there was a pogrom - it was a pogrom of peace loving Hindus perpetrated by Jihadis.
By some accounts, a dozen Hindu women were abducted from the burning train and are as yet untraced.

Shahryar said...

There is only one known pogrom in India since India became self-governing - 1984 Pogrom of Sikhs by the Congress Party activists!

Has anyone been convicted by the courts for this pukka pogrom?

Tranquil said...

To know the facts behind pogrom of Sikhs read the following:


" A Panoply of Orchestrated Fraud "