Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bye-bye to Hindi-Yankee Bhai-Bhai?

Did we just get screwed badly, yesterday? Has the Duryodhan in the Oval Office decided to foreclose on his loaded dice game, by asking for our wife? The US has now overtly reneged on its commitments of the July 2005 nuclear deal.

I admit, I never thought the Americans would be so foolhardy as to gamble in such a reckless and ill-considered way. This reminds me of the way they stoked up the Georgians and then hung them out to dry. There's going to have to be a reckoning here, and India is going to have to come up with a fitting response.


siva said...

San, get real… India coming up with a fitting response? What would that be? Hell, we can’t even kick Beggerdesh and show them their place but you want the weasels that are in power in India to stand up to Americans? Not a chance.

I cannot believe you trusted America with India’s strategic deterrence… I am sorry to ask this but how did you become author(s) of this blog?

san said...

Well, what I'll say is that if the US screws us over on the N-Deal, then it's going to blow up in their faces like the Dhabol Power Project deal that Cheney obtained through Sonia's help. We saw what happened to Enron back then, as part of the fallout from that.

There was a lot of money on the line here. Given that, I'm surprised that the US would treat things so cavalierly.

san said...

Here's an article quoting K Subrahmanyam:

I hope the US isn't going to throw away their relationship with us. Because this is the moment of truth.