Monday, August 25, 2008

Colonial loot and other criminal acts/human rights violations of the Christist regime in Hindusthan

aug 25th, 2008

this is how they succeeded in colonizing our minds. in addition to taking away $10 trillion in loot, of course. they stole our inheritance and convinced us we were dummies. nice work, indeed. who said the limeys weren't smart? nowadays they're quite happy to whore themselves out to anybody who has money, which explains the 'atlanticist' magazine's great fascination with china.

also, an outstanding book on the same theme that should be prescribed reading in all indian high schools: "the raj syndrome" by suhas chakravarthy, penguin india. it provides, in its copious references, a lot of the original material that shows for instance the nexus between the christist church and the colonial administration. if the mohammedan invaders are identified as such by religion, for the same reason the christist invaders should also be identified the same way.

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From: S. Kalyanaraman


A research paper by Dr. VV Bedekar

British Policies and Indian Culture

Our politicians historians, sociologists, universities and the sacred media seem to have been convinced that the biggest obstruction in our progress is our past and religion and unless we divorce with those, we cannot become logical, rational and scientific, which is the key to progress and success in the modern world!
We are continuously fed on misinformation and there is deliberate attempt to distort our social history by ideologically motivated media, politicians and sociologists turned reformists.

The canvas of history covers thousands of years.

Achievements of any civilisation are judged by culture, literature, arts and sciences they have created and ecological and environmental conditions effectively they have produced. Strangely enough, the thinkers of the world have now realized the disastrous ecological condition of the world in which we live today. Scientists are also of the opinion that this disastrous condition is due to the same science, which is thought to have brought progress to mankind. India, which, according to our sociologists, politicians and the media, had an ugly past, and an inhuman religion, certainly could not and has not contributed anything worthwhile to modern progress and could have doubtfully achieved anything in the past.

But then what was the reason - from Max Muller to Schrodinger, who felt like taking inspiration from the cultural achievements and scriptures of India of the past ? Who was Panini ? How the writings of Kalidas were created ? How Bharata could write his Natyasastra and the country could reach the pinnacle of performing art ? What about Indian achievements in mathematics and astronomy ? What about paintings of Ajanta and Ellora and intricately carved temple architecture throughought the length and breadth of the country ? What about Yoga and spiritual achievements of the Hindus and the fully developed. medical science - Ayurveda ? What about the writings of Kautilya and Vatsyayana ? What about the achievements in textile, chemistry and metallurgy ? If, according to our media and great Marxist historians, our people in the past had no business other than indulging in exploitation of all kinds, how these achievements were possible ? One cannot forget, society needs optimum social, economic and cultural stability for any kind of creativity to take form and shape.

When are we going to realize that our past history is being distorted and our past has fallen a prey to the false propaganda of socialist ideology ? Modem sciences like anthropology, sociology, history etc., have been used as tools to mutilate our history and culture. This has successfully made us hate our own past, culture and religion.

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