Saturday, August 30, 2008

what the christists, mohammedans and the Govt of India are working for: Death of Hinduism.

aug 30th, 2008

i posted an earlier version of this presentation, but the situation has become ever more dire. i will post a copy of this on my repository of podcasts etc.

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From: Swami

For your information.
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From: mukesh bhatia <>
Date: Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 11:40 PM
Subject: Act before the death of hinduism!


Did you know who is cutting roots of hindus?

If you do not act now then it will too late when you would act

this is wake up call for all hindus, before hinduism dies on earth!

please read for god sake by downloading the attachment 

I open challenge that after reading it, if you have blood of a hindu in your veins then you will forward it to every one you know

Wake up otherwise we will lose the world's oldest culture and religion

thank you

bharat mata kee jay



Abhi said...

If you have access can you provide direct download link to PPT.

The PPT is very weak on Solutions. Here are my suggestions:

1. Donate to organizations that are directly fighting conversion. Mainly VHP, Ekal Vidyalaya ( and Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad.

2. Talk to people about these issues whenever you meet them in person. You will be surprised how many people are unaware of such issues! Don't be shy. Being assertive is the first step in becoming a true Hindu.

Sameer said...

Vultures in action...

It is these kind of vultures which are behind the denial of visa to Modi and also behind the brainwash of Indian American Hindus.

Tranquil said...

Appalling state of affairs in this failed state called india.

You must have seen those flood victims in Bihar. A picture is so eloquent.Are they rotund and sprucely turned out?

This india pledges millions & billions for afghan's infrastructure building. Hands over a cheque worth millions to pukistan across on the VERY DAY, Bombay Slaughter of Infidels take place.

Add to that MFN status conferred on it.Now kolkata traders whinge, truckloads of fresh fruits , vegetables and fish that are HIGHLY in demand during ramadan among beggardeshi SLAUGHTERERS are rotting((

Do we really need overinflated amartya sens to do researches , quibbling around with theories and offering *solutions* and getting crowned?

bbc is lugubrious about lack of proper accommodation for them.

Simple.Take them all to the cavernous Rashtrapathi bhavan and other ministers' houses (it is their dereliction of duty that has caused this calamity CERtainly not NAture).

Indian Presidents melt and melt and exist for the welfare of the "poor& downtrodden".So OUGHT to welcome them.And look after them till everything gets restored to optimum normalcy.

Tranquil said...

During Latur earthquake , a lot of cash donations raised went into the pockets of sharad pawar ( I really blessed those Australian cricketers who in a moment of exuberance accidentally pushed him a bit...tender mercies.).

In another instance, the cartons of clothes collected and sent, I came to know later, did not reach the people at all.They were lying in the airport for nearly a month and then God alone knows who took them all.

While driving through a village, I bought some fresh guavas. And the fruit seller asked me:

" You don't look like a christian father.He only takes them all for the orphans under his care"

I told her:
" I am the orphan ".

gopinath said...

I would think the most important aspect of retaining hinduism is, stop spending unlimited funds on temple building, festivals etc, and rather divert those funds to country building. There are numerous schools without even basic amenities like black board, playground, toilets etc. These actions will actually touch people's lives, and bringing about a grassroots level change.
Everyone who is incharge of such activity should be encouraged and educated to make such investment choices. There are too much of money wasted on such meaningless exercises.
I am a staunch Hindu BTW and I am not against such festivities, all I am saying is keep it to the bear minimum required.

Tranquil said...

UPKEEP of our ancient Temples and ensuring the Traditional Veda Pathasalas and Agnihotris, Deekshitars and so on DO NOT relinquish their svadharmam for want of basic essential needs.

Not new temple buildings and expansion of certain people's empires.

The schools & rest of the institutions languish not because of lack of money with the govt of india.Wake up ! High time they are held accountable.

During Bhopal gas tragedy only ONE Agnihotri's Family was totally unaffected.It was even grudgingly reported in a sickular paper.

One of them told me , being an Agnihotri is no cakewalk but calls for a lot of rigorous spartan lifestyle, rules etc. For want of financial security many don't follow in their ancestors' footsteps. In the past, our Kings knew their precious importance as they were not *secular*.So their needs were all looked after pretty satisfactorily.Today's calamities and disasters are precisely owing to their persecution and looting of temples.

Periodical Consecration of our Temples is a MUST.The collections OUGHT to be used only for such needs.Not diverted to mosques, haj, jizya, MPs & MLAs coffers, churches building.

Why not saudi spend money on afghanis upliftment? Whatever happened to islamic brotherhood?

Not a drop of oil do they give to palestinians but would ululate a lot about their *plight*.

Would the pope accommodate all these converted christians into vatican, hug and dine with them?

In Madurai such state sponsored persecution of Vedic Dharmam was dealt its death blow by Sri.ThirugnanaSambandhar.

Tranquil said...

One more attempt to ' extend , embrace and exterminate ' by govt of india:

Nelliappar Temple ( Thirunelveli), Papanaasam , Courtallam to be developed as a " tourist spot ".

After a recci done & advised by one Michael Green & Mustafa Ahmed .

Seriously.No jokes.

Tranquil said...

" ....
Maanoj Rakhit in his brilliant monograph titled ‘Christianity In a Different Light’ has sharply stated: ‘The name of St.Xavier happens to be well respected in our country. Like many others I had believed he must be a Saint as his name starts with that word, and there are so many educational institutions dedicated to his name all over the country where our Hindu children receive their education. We therefore need to know more about such a great person and his character a little better than we do today, for these schools never tell us the truth’.

I have gathered the following details relating to St. Francis Xavier. St. Francis Xavier landed in Goa on 6 May 1542, with a resolve of ‘uprooting paganism’ from the soil of India and planting Christianity in its place. And so all plans of persecution and oppression of the Hindus came along with him. All religious policies and procedures of forcible and fraudulent conversions and demolitions of the Hindu Temples and idols were undertaken under his guidance and missionary zeal. Thus it was St.Francis Xavier who laid the foundation for the ‘compassionate’ (barbarous!) for an organised system of Holy Inquisition against the Hindus in Goa.

St.Francis Xavier was a pioneer of anti-Brahmanism, which was adopted later as a major plan in the missionary propaganda during British Rule as evident below. Lord Minto, the Governor General of India from 1807 to 1812, sent some propaganda material used by the English missionaries in India to British Parliament and in particular referred to one Christian Tract about which he said ‘the remainder of this Tract seems to aim principally at a general massacre and extermination of the Brahmins’.

We can see what was St. Francis Xavier’s first priority in India through his own words ‘I want to free the poor Hindus from the stranglehold of the Brahmins and destroy the places where evil spirits are worshipped. The Brahmins are the most perverse people in the world.... They never tell the truth, but think of nothing but how to tell subtle lies and to receive the simple and ignorant people... They are as perverse and wicked a set as can anywhere be found, and to whom applies the Psalm, which says: ‘From an unholy race, and wicked and crafty men, deliver me, Lord’. The poor people do exactly what the Brahmins tell them.... If there were no Brahmins in the area, all Hindus would accept conversion to our faith’.

St. Francis Xavier wrote a letter to the Society of Jesus in which he said, ‘Following the Baptisms, the new Christians return to their homes and come back with their wives and families to be in their turn also prepared for Baptism. After all have been baptised, I order that everywhere the temples of the false Gods be pulled down and idols broken. I KNOW NOT HOW TO DESCRIBE IN WORDS THE JOY THAT I FEEL BEFORE THE SPECTACLE OF PULLING DOWN AND DESTROYING THE IDOLS BY THE VERY PEOPLE WHO FORMERLY WORSHIPPED THEM’. St. Francis Xavier did this in Quilon after the Hindu Raja of Quilon had given him a munificently large grant of land and other resources to build Churches in his territory. After taking this grant, St. Xavier converted Hindus into Christianity. After doing that he said that he was in a state of ecstatic joy! The same kind of savage joy was expressed by another equally savage temple destroyer Mughal Emperor called Aurangazeb who ruled from 1658 to 1707. So much for terrorist Christianity and terrorist Islam! So much for peace-loving and compassionate Christianity and Islam! So much for Christian Brotherhood and Islamic Brotherhood!

No wonder the great German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche [1844 –1900], not belonging to the VHP or RSS or Sangh Pariwar(!) paid this legitimate tribute to ever-compassionate Christianity: ‘I call Christianity the one great curse of enormous and innermost perversion, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous, too underhand, too underground and too petty—I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind’. I am sure the Pope in Rome will take immediate action to ex-communicate Nietzsche, posthumously, for his above Paganish and Heathenish indiscretion, taking the ever-obliging Sonia-directed Pro-Catholic UPA Government into private confidence! Our Prime Minister has prepared the ground for this drama by his recent statement on the mass Hindu Rebellion in Orissa ".

Excerpts taken from :

Atrocities on Hindus by missionaries in Goa–III

By V.Sundaram

To be archived and read.