Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kandhamal sitting on communal tinderbox - NDTV

aug 26th, 2008

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Maybe its because they have a correspondent in Orissa who knows what is happening on the ground, but a non partisan report from NDTV is surprising indeed, especially the last line of the article.

Kandhmal sitting on communal tinderbox

Sampad Mahapatra, Mohuya Chaudhuri
Tuesday, August 26, 2008, (Kandhmal, Orissa)

Why is Kandhmal a virtual tinder box, where tensions between Hindus and Christians go back a long way.

There has been fall-out of a nearly two decade long simmering tension between Hindus and Christians in the district. Both Hindus and Christians have accused each other of converting tribal people.

These differences turned violent on Christmas eve last year, when the 84-year-old Swamiji was attacked. Scores of churches across the district were destroyed, a Hindu village was attacked and homes set on fire.

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The murder of the swamiji, who has a large following in the district, has changed the stakes completely. The Sangh Parivar is in no mood to listen.

"If they kill our revered leaders in such a brutal manner, the people will react in whatever manner that vents their anger. We cannot restrain them," said Gouri Rath, secretary, VHP, Orissa.

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After blaming the Maoists for the attack, the government now says investigations are on to find the real culprits.

With sampad mahapatra in bhubaneshwar, MC in ndtv


Tranquil said...

NDTV/CNN , in fact the whole lot of sickular media is intrinsically anti Hindu. They are only too aware that gullible Hindus get swayed by sops like some vapid *noises* made about Hindus' sensitivities.

Call it their taqiyya or tactical moves to stay afloat.

When it comes to self preservation or survival issues, even the rabidly anti Hindu pakis stock and sell *diwali sweets & diwali crackers*.

However, that never deters them from planting explosives and blowing us to smithereens.

M. Patil said...

This report has the decency to admit that a respected old monk was murdered. "The Hindu" doesn't even have the decency to condemn the murder.

The editorial board of Hindu decided that the Maoists are responsible for murder and berates the sangh parivar for violence. Truly a bunch of shameless folks