Friday, August 15, 2008

Ancient Indian farming technique picks up in mango belt

aug 15th, 2008

remarkable stuff! of course this will soon re-appear as the 'austrian christist fumigation technique for organic mango farming'

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From: Shahryar

Ancient Indian farming technique picks up in mango belt

Four years ago, when a Lucknow-based horticulture institute floated the idea of homa-farming, cultivators in the mango belt of Kakori and Malihabad adopted it in droves. While most of them gave it up to return to agro-chemicals, having little patience to wait any longer, one odd man stuck it out - practising this ancient Indian farming technique based on the Vedas.

Today Ramesh Chandra Tiwari, a petty farmer in Unnao district, 60 km from the state capital, is reaping the benefits and is thankful to the Central Horticulture Sub-tropical Research Institute (CHSRI) for giving him the idea. The yield has kept increasing year after year on his 12-bigha mango orchard and there are none of the usual pests to be found near the trees in the mango belt of Kakori and Malihabad, over 25 km from the city.

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witan said...

"Bullshit", literally, may work as a good fertilizer, but I don't believe the "smoke" (homa) and mirrors part.

Tranquil said...


But didn't you know? The Portugese & Spaniards first started eating mangoes.Spat out the seeds which, carried by the wind,landed in India( not BharathVarsh),started growing.The bucolic us, the Pagans were bewildered.And the COMPASSIONATE portugese and hydraheaded various compassionate souls came and taught us to pluck, peel......

Anger off indeed/

chitrakut said...

Letter sent to US president on Modi Visa Denial.

chitrakut said...

Modi announces setting up of Security Training University in Gujrat.


witan said...

You said: "The Portugese & Spaniards first started eating mangoes ... etc." The way you said it makes it appear you think it is a malicious myth. If so, I agree with you.
However, it is said that Cashew was introduced in India by the Portuguese. You may be knowing that it is called "parangi manga" -- foreign mangoe -- in Malayalam.
You may also be knowing that Indian mangoes have a special biological trait, making it possible for plants grown from seeds to retain the characteristics of the parent.

Tranquil said...

witan ,

It was my petrified rage that made me write what I wrote.My school textbooks derided us as uncivilized Pagans who were
"uplifted ".Even now a lot of discourses givers, desperate to broker a hodgepodge *peace*(indoomuslimbhaibhai)outrageously lie about islamic invasion.

saeed naqvi is one such suave those infidels getting slaughtered and bleeding to death is " handed a piece of date " by a *compassionate thisisnotislamist*.And such a plethora of sophistry laden *stories* have been written for too long in tamil magazines.

How can ANYTHING be manmade so to speak when man himself is MADE by GOD ?

To me this whole concept of wordy researches and mock self deprecatory attempts at contrived self anointing...acceptance speeches pointing vertically with tremulous tremor ( authenticity comes with repeated practice)sab oopervaalakaa kaam hai...main tho ek tukdaa hoon shoon...yuck((

Why should I care AT ALL what comes from where? It should be affordable and accessible.Very often one's whole life gets bartered away in return for such simple essential needs.

In my youth even a handful of grapes was a touchmenot luxury.To my late grandmother getting one whole mango was like today's youth yearning for Mercedes. (you know in my Tamilian huge joint chaotic family(total chaos)one mangoe, only once a week, would be cut into itsybitsy bits and *shared* whereas all the precious savings would go into making junk sweets and savouries for *festivals*(idiots).