Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Sonia went to the Olympics - Gurumurthy

Sonia, not Hu, shamed the PM
Pretty drastic stuff - this follows on of course from what Brahma wrote (and Nizhal pointed us to).

Interesting that the Chinese may not have been the villains of the piece - its our own ass-kissers of the the Sonia & Brat Duo that are to blame. Have to hand it to her and Kingini Kuttan - real stealth operation!!

Of course - it's not that you can blame the Chinese irrespective of the IOC decision - the Chinese know where the balls really are in the Indian cabinet - errrr - or who wears the pants.... sorry - this is a family blog!

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Arvind said...

The choice is correct. She is the real Prime Minister. Manmohan is just her peon.