Wednesday, December 05, 2007

US reactor vendors playing role in nuke deal: Shourie

Of all the garbage in print about the deal - the headlined article and this additional piece is all you need to know. The security losses of the deal are obvious enough - the "hidden agenda" is actually to neuter India's energy independence - the Americans want to do to us in energy what Nehru had the Soviets do to us in defense - Import Dependence.

The reality is that the deal will revive America's industrial base. America will pull off a mini-"England in Bengal" - it was the loot of Bengal that provided seed money for the industrial revolution. The nuclear deal will provide the seed money for America to move away from the oil economy and create an alternative energy infrastructure. It helps of course that Uranium - the "new oil" in this alternative infrastructure is controlled by a cartel headed by Uncle Sam. Nothing like being the Arab Oil Sheiks of tomorrow - eh?

This - and the usual Congress greed for kickbacks is really what is behind it all

The four firms that Shourie mentioned - lets see - General Electric, Westinghouse ...... (please help complete this list)

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Shahryar said...

Synthetic Genomics is the company to watch for developments in alternative energy infrastructure.