Saturday, December 01, 2007

UPA dhimmis lift ban on rice export to Bangladesh

"Sharing the grief of cyclone-hit Bangladesh, India today decided to lift a ban on export of rice up to 5.5 lakh tonnes to the neighbouring country and proposed to adopt its 10 worst affected villages as part of overall assistance package."
Has East Pakistan lifted their ban on exporting natural gas to infidel India? Does India have any obligation under the Shimla agreement to feed East Pakistan's hungry millions in perpetuity? Lallu Yadav's very first action as Union Railway minister was to secure their supply of Beef, by legalising cattle smuggling by eastward bound Indian freight trains! Now, Pranab Mukherjee and the other dhimmis are making new commitments to supply Rice. Any other ingredients remaining in the Biryani recipe?


habc said...

some "saffron" maybe?

Oracle said...

I like beef, am I a lesser Hindu?

schuncher said...

I hear that India successfully tapped the reservoir that Bdesh was unwilling to share with us. Now their gas is our gas.