Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Unwarranted SOUTH ASIA compassion alert

Creation of the ambitious Saarc Development Fund (SDF) may see some progress at the upcoming meet of the regional body, which will also seek to push efforts on boosting intra-region connectivity. The two-day Saarc Foreign Ministers’ meet, beginning on 7 December, will also review progress on various other proposals, including setting up of tele-medicine network, a Saarc University and a Saarc Food Bank. It will try to work out on the agreed text of the Saarc Development Fund. An agreement on the fund could not be reached at the summit apparently because of differences as to which country will contribute how much........

SAARC Food Bank, eh? Can't agree who will contribute what? This has the sinister sound of a secular scheme to burden India in perpetuity with commitments to feed the hungry Mohammedans in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Just a few months ago, all export of foodgrain from India was banned due to inadequate buffer stocks and inflation. Farmers suicides, starvation deaths and malnutrition continue to be a fact of life in India. Then, why is GOI even conceiving of a SOUTH ASIA Food bank, leave alone engaging in negotiations to implement it? Which dhimmi lunatic decides these policies? The UPA has been occupied solely with Mohammedan and Christist welfare for the past 3.5 years, but now their "compassion" is apparently expanding to benefit all Mohammedans in SOUTH ASIA. The next time some Kaangress or Communist idiot talks about inflation in the prices of essential commodities, this needs to be shoved in his face.


Shahryar said...

" feed the hungry Mohammedans in Pakistan and Bangladesh."

Is this a modern form of Jizyah Tax?

nizhal yoddha said...

feeding the enemy has a long and honorable tradition in nehruvian stalinism.

claude arpi relates how the chinese troops clandestinely building roads in aksai chin before 1962 were fed on rice supplied by nehru's govt.

and then there was the episode where mohammedan terrorists holed up in some mosque in j&k were given lamb biriyani by the kaangress government.