Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christist indoctrination program in prisons declared unconstitutional

A U.S. Appeals Court upheld a ruling that a Christian-based prison rehabilitation program is unconstitutional. A coalition of religious and civic leaders devoted to the separation of church and state filed a suit on behalf of inmates, their families and taxpayers. They alleged that the program used by the Newton Correctional Facility in Iowa, which must be completed before inmates are eligible for parole, was unconstitutional. A U.S. Appeals Court upheld a ruling that a Christian-based prison rehabilitation program is unconstitutional.

The program “used taxpayer money to pay for what one of the defendants described as a '24-hour-a-day, Christ-centered, biblically based program that promotes personal transformation of prisoners through the power of the Gospel,' ” said Deborah Lauter, the Anti-Defamation League’s director of civil rights. The ADL filed an amicus brief in the case, as did the American Jewish Congress.
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Actually, christist evangelism in "correctional facilities" would still be unconstitutional even if it were to be financed by sources other than taxpayer money and even if christist indoctrination had not been made a mandatory precondition for parole eligibility. Still this is a landmark judgement that can serve as a precedent in combating the menace of christist aggression in "secular" countries like India.

State sponsored christist indoctrination is rampant in Indian prisons, notably in Samuel Reddy's Andhra Pradesh where it is becoming obligatory to convert to the ROL to have one's jail term commuted. This has a force multiplier effect for the christist hyenas: 1) The proselytising agenda gathers greater momentum when convicted criminals are recruited to indulge in forcible baptisms with the impunity afforded by government patronage, 2) John Dayal, Cedric Prakash and the rest of the christist persecution industry get to bleat about the "high proportion of christians" in Indian prisons, contributing to the demonisation of India and the Hindus in the international community!!!

The Indian judicial system often gets exercised over trivial matters like Cricket and Bollywood when it can legitimately kick some padre butt over the far more serious matter of christist conversion mischief. Here's an opportunity to take suo moto cognisance of Samuel Reddy's preaching.

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