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Ram Setu may be man-made: ISRO book

dec 9th, 2007

t r baalu's condition for proof: he will want a video of rama building the bridge.

and why do all these jerks persist in calling it 'adam's bridge'? wait, wait, i forgot it is for the appeasement of mohammedans.

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Ram Setu may be man-made: ISRO book


Liz Mathew | New Delhi


The controversial Adam's bridge off the Tamil Nadu coast could be "man-made" and has an "echo in the ancient mythological epic, the Ramayan", says a Government publication tabled in Parliament last week -- a development that could put the Congress-led UPA regime in a piquant spot.


A book, Images India, published by Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) that comes under the Department of Space, says the satellite images have revealed an "ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka in Palk Strait".


"The origin of the bridge is a mystery. Archaeological studies have revealed that the bridge dates back to the primitive age, that is about 1,750,000 years."


"Its structure suggests that it may be man-made," it says on Page 39 of the coffee table book under the sub-title, 'Stunning Structures'.


"This 30 km long bridge, named as Adam's bridge, is made of a chain of shoals and links Rameshwaram in south India to Sri Lanka." It goes on to say: "This has an echo in the ancient Indian mythological epic, the Ramayan. According to the epic, such a bridge was built by Lord Ram and his followers to reach Sri Lanka. Studies are still on but the bridge is seen as an example of ancient history linked to the Indian mythology."


The revelations in the book, with a foreword by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman G Madhavan Nair, are in contrast to what the Government has been maintaining so far -- that the setu is formed by giant tombolos or bars of sand.


It also contradicts the findings of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), which said in an affidavit, since withdrawn, that there is no "historic or scientific" evidence of the existence of Lord Ram or Ram Setu.


The Government has given its nod to the multi-million-dollar Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project, which requires breaking a portion of Ram Setu to make a route navigable for ships around the Indian peninsula.


The project and the ASI affidavit had put the Government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress in a major embarrassment.


Shipping Minister TR Baalu, whose DMK has made the construction of the canal a prestige issue, has gone to the extent of saying he will resign from the Cabinet if the bridge is proved to be "man-made".


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Chatrapath said...

I like how so many people can claim that Ram Setu is "man made" but believe in grilled cheese sandwiches with jesus' image and condensation on windshields with mary's image are "REAL". Incidentally, he grilled cheese jesus image was bought for $35K on eBay. I wonder what Ram Setu's detractors think?

Chatrapath said...

Another interesting item---the mormon religion believes that joseph smith, the founder of their religion, was give magical glasses that revealed the TRUE message of jesus...incidentally, joseph smith was the son of a very poor farmer who was deep in debt. this "revelation" was very timely!

I just find it interesting how passionate Hindus are to debunk Hindu ideas and myths but pindrop silence in the face of every christist cult that comes out of the woodwork!

Interesting indeed.