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Kashmiri Pandits on International Human Rights Day -- NHRC has failed to provide succour:

dec 9th, 2007

the real victims are these guys, not the ghouls like the communists, the christists or the mohammedans.

it is true that the kashmiri pundits did run around talking a lot about some mythical beast named 'kashmiriyat'. just like all those 'secularists' will discover, as soon as the mohammedan gains numbers he immediately goes for religious cleansing, and all the 'punjabiyat's and 'kashmiriyat's and 'secular-progressive-iyat's count for nothing. the only thing that counts is whether you are circumcised.

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NHRC has failed to provide succour: Kashmiri Pandits
'Roots in Kashmir' condemns NHRC, International Human Rights groups
09 December 2007, Sunday

 On December 10 last year, 'Roots in Kashmir' announced its arrival in a big way. It organized rallies in 11 states in India and a couple of places abroad also. It endeavors to bring to light the real culprits and murderers of innocent Kashmiris.

'ROOTS IN Kashmir' a frontline youth group raising awareness about the atrocities inflicted upon the Hindu minority of Kashmir has condemned the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for not coming to the rescue of the Kashmiri Pandits. It has been almost 14 years since the formation of the NHRC; it has completely failed to address the grievances of the Pandit community, which is living in the 18 th year of exile from their homeland, Kashmir.
Kashmiri Pandit children accompanied by activists and common people under the banner of 'Roots In Kashmir' held a silent protest at Indira Park on the eve of International Human Rights Day to bring to light the injustice being done with Kashmiri Pandits. Similar protests were organized in various parts of the country by it at places such as Delhi, Jammu, Bangalore and Pune.
To escape persecution, more than 350,000 Kashmiri Pandits had to leave their home and hearths back in the valley of which more than 50,000 refugees are still languishing in uninhabitable refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi.
"The NHRC is a phantom we only hear about but haven't seen any evidence of. Our community has submitted memorandums, fought cases and appealed to the senior bureaucrats and officials about the situation but to no avail," said Santosh Razdan who lives with her son in Hyderabad.
"We have lived our lives in Kashmir but it sounds like a distant dream today, all because of the negligence of the responsible authorities." she added.
In spite of cases of serious nature pending against terrorists like Yasin Malik and Bitta Karate, they roam free and further get all support from the Indian Government; whereas the Pandits continue to live a life of refugee's in their own country. While, Yasin Malik himself is responsible for killing hundreds of innocents in the valley mercilessly; he now claims to be a human rights activist championing the cause of so-called freedom. He has no right morally to speak on such an issue of sensitive nature in which he himself stands guilty of initiating the gun culture and bloodshed in the peaceful valley.
The NHRC and the home ministry, government of India have, in a written communication through Right To Information Act 2005, said that they don't have any data on terrorist Bitta Karate of JKLF; while it's a known fact that there are cases pending against him in courts. It also said that they have no information on the number of Pandits killed in the valley since 1989. Further, NHRC has failed to do justice with the community, as till date there has been no probe on the reasons behind the exodus of them.
The International Human Rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have deliberately failed to frame charges against Malik and other serial killers. Their biased nature is quite visible for last almost a decade. The blind attitude to the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the entire Pandit community by these agencies speaks at large of the discrimination being done with the aboriginal people of Kashmir.
'Roots In Kashmir' endeavors to bring to light the real culprits and murderers of innocent Kashmiris. We would like to have an answer as to what happened to our human rights?" said Amrita Kar, Volunteer of RIK.
Our demands from the government of India:
1. An enquiry commission to be set up to come out with a report on reasons of exodus of Kashmiri Pandits.
2. Capital punishment for terrorists like Bitta Karate and Yasin Malik.
3. Kashmiri Pandits be declared as Internally Displaced People (IDP's) and thus be given the required benefits.
4. Reconstruction of desecrated and destroyed shrines.
5. All property sales after 1989 to be declared null and void.
6. Better rehabilitation of people living in inhuman camps in Jammu and Delhi.
Rahul Razdan – 9866682059
Rishik Dhar – 9885807460
Roots in Kashmir, Hyderabad

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