Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Presswallahs pay children to pose as child labourers

More proof on how low the Indian ELM has sunk.

Our intrepid Sahara and NDTV reporters set out of home with their jholas and cameras with an altogether honourable intention: demonising India and berate her appalling record on human rights, child rights, whatever.

Unable to find suitable evidence, they, it seems, decided to manufacture it
SHAHPUR (VAISHALI), DECEMBER 11: A day after TV channels showed two boys pulling the plough oxen-like on the family farm of Union Rural Development Minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, one of them has claimed that they were paid Rs 20 each to pose for the camera. His mother too repeated the claim, saying her son had handed her the money and told her about the incident.


hUmDiNgEr said...

The terrorist Sohrabuddins' story. Ofcourse, you dont see this on ELM.

witan said...

The Kashmir "Rage Boy" and probably the Gujarat tailor Qutubuddin Ansari are other examples of this modus operandi.
About Ansari, the following facts are significant: In the notorious photograph showing him pleading for his life with folded hands, the people who supposedly threatened him are not seen, nor are any other prospective victims.

Similar things were seen just after the devastating earthquake in Turkey a few years ago. The same set of people, wearing different sets of clothes, were seen in photographs and videos made by Western news persons: they were posing as victims of the earthquake in different locations in Turkey.