Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Father Kills Daughter for Not Wearing Hijab

The Religion of Peace(tm) is improving family values again. A Toronto man has confessed to strangling his own daughter because she wouldn't wear the hijab. Oh, and of course it wasn't just the father who was terrorizing her, but her own brother too. They do love to spread the misery, don't they?

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hokiepride said...

Hey Christist,
First ask the Christist priests to stop knocking up little altar boys. And why is that so many good pious Christists turn out to be closet gays like Senator Larry Craig. And you Christists dare to point fingers at Hindus. No, Shame on YOU a'hole. Clean up your f'in religion first.

Second, nobody can deny that Muslim nations treat women like shit. For example, women are not allowed to vote or drive in the Holy Mecca land. In India, women are discriminated against, but never like this. And no, dowry is no more a Hindu trait any more than boinking altar boys is a trait of Christianity. No Hindu scriptures mentions that dowry MUST be given.

Third, this blog is a HINDU Nationalist blog. And Hinduism will be treated as a holy cow just like Christianity and Islam are treated as holy cows on White Conservative or Islamic conservative websites. If you dont like it, dont read this blog.