Thursday, December 06, 2007

MMS says Religious extremism hurdle in women's empowerment

From The Pioneer:
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has singled out 'religious extremism, fanaticism, fundamentalism, political and social violence against women' as the greatest hurdles in women's development and empowerment.

Speaking on the occasion of the East Asia Gender Equality Ministerial meeting here on Thursday, Singh recalled that the Women's Manifesto during last general elections had referred to the 'alarming rise of religious fundamentalism that excluded women from public life.'..........
Er, a clarification is in order. Which Semitic death cult is MMS referring to in the context of religious fanaticism, fundamentalism, political and social violence against women? The answer should be self evident: Both ROP, ROL fit the description. But, that would be totally uncharacteristic of MMS to make such a bold indictment of the imperialistic death cults. MMS must be fully aware of the reality of Semitic oppression of women, yet true to his negationist dhimmitude, he makes a broad and dishonest generalisation that potentially includes Hindus in his enumeration of those obstructing women's empowerment.

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