Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chindu says Malaysia in the wrong

This editorial in the CHindu is pleasantly surprising in it's indictment of Malay Mohammedan supremacism, despite the negationist references to "Ethnic Indians" as opposed to Hindus and even though it does not come without the customary (or is it statutory?) admonition to the Hindus for agitating against religious cleansing.
"... Hindraf, either mischievously or mistakenly, sought to give a religious, if not a communal, colour to the state’s entrenched discrimination against a most vulnerable minority. ..."
And it raises a significant point about Malay Mohammedan double standards. Despite all the cozy talk of friendship etc, Malaysia has never missed an opportunity at the OIC and elsewhere to needle India on Kashmir, Indian Muslims etc. No Indian official ever told them to "lay off". It is high time that was done.
Malaysian Minister Nazri Aziz, in asking Mr. Karunanidhi to “lay off,” was not just uncivil; he ended up exposing his regime’s double standards on rights issues. As a member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Malaysia has often criticised other countries, including India, for perceived anti-Muslim bias in policy.

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