Thursday, December 06, 2007

Malik of Malaysian Malice

Ashok Malik is an incisive analyst and an elegant writer - here he opens up a few more windows into the Malay Indian's world.

I did not know about Mamaks - nor indeed about Anwar Ibrahim's closet Iyer background. It must surely explain the charges of sodomy and other perversions on him. Nothing good seems to come out of the "Bumi-Putras" . The Malay are a deeply racist people - and with Islam, they have found a weapon for mobilizing their hate.

The only place where I disagree with Malik is that the Malay Indians will surely not look to Dhimmi-India; perhaps the crypto-christist LTTE are a better bet - no?

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karyakarta92 said...

"Finally, India needs to revive a proposal, first made about five years ago, Kuala Lumpur, that it will support schools for Malaysia's Indian minority, the ethnic Indians overcome the built-in biases of the Malaysian Government school system. This is a system, incidentally, where the roll number on an answer sheet tells the examiner which race the candidate belongs to."

The extent of Malay Muslim racism is truly mind boggling. "Ethnic Indians" were better off even in apartheid era South Africa. Surely, there's a case for intervention by the UN in Malaysia?
Or does that august body involve itself only when White people and Mohammedans suffer?

India owes a responsibility to these depressed Hindus of Malaysia. But what does GOI do? It gifts away millions of dollars and thousands of tonnes of food grain to Mohammedans in Pakistan and Bangladesh, besides facilitating their beef supply. And I disagree with Ashok Malik on precluding the
option of "gunboat diplomacy". No option should be off the table. The Dravidians should press the UPA for military action in Malaysia for redeeming Tamil Self Respect.