Thursday, December 06, 2007

Defence chiefs get same privilege as Robert Vadra

dec 6th, 2007

this is black comedy: a third-rate piss-ant christist like robert vadra is *named* in the list of people who are not required to be frisked at the airport security counter. others in the list:

1. president of india
2. speaker of parliament
3. chief justice

13. robert vadra

vadra is the only person *named*, all others are there by virtue of their positions.

why no frisking? does robert vadra have something to hide? is sonia frisked? and who is vadra, anyway? the guy who holds the husband job of the daughter of the grandson of the guy who destroyed india.

the dynasty is alive in india. hail the nehru dynasty. recently, the UPA produced three bills on the same day in parliament, for projects named after jawaharlal nehru, indira nehru, rajiv nehru. all hail the nehru dynasty, the biggest miracle in india after the mogul dynasty.

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From: Giri

The Civil Aviation Ministry's earlier decision had earlier sparked off a raging debate, for critics were appalled that while Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadra was being given the  privilege, the very men responsible for the nation's defence were not.

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karyakarta92 said...

In the din of the Gujarat assembly elections, here's another outrage by the Nehru dynasty in Himachal Pradesh. The Nehru/Ghandy family's cook has been given a ticket by the Kaangress party to contest elections for an assembly seat! Any educated guesses as to what tasks Margaret Alva, Ambika Soni, Jayanthi Natarajan may have performed for the dynasty? Nannies to Raoul baba?