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dec 10, 2007

SABHA - 4M Report Arvind Kumar, 08 Dec 2007

Your regular dose of pseudosecularism

  1. AFP explains Islamic terrorism

    Agence France-Presse explains a pattern in terrorism around the world.
    The operation came as the largely Muslim state observes the holy fasting month of Ramadan. Violence routinely increases during Ramadan as militants believe they will gain greater heavenly rewards if they die during the month.

  2. Rahul Gandhi is intelligent declares Rediff! declared that Rahul Gandhi was intelligent and awarded two degrees to the son of Cambridge intellectual Sonia Maino who came close to passing a course in spoken English at the Lennox Cook School in the city of Cambridge.

    The first degree awarded by Rediff to Rahul Gandhi is from Cambridge University in UK and the second is from Harvard University in the US.

    Generally perceived as someone who lacks the natural warmth and magnetism of his younger sister Priyanka, Rahul (who is 37) is seen as the more intelligent and better read of the two, someone who prefers to understand an issue in depth -- perhaps the result of his years in the management consultancy firm Monitor, in London, following degrees from the two Cambridges in the US and UK (making him by far the most educated member of his illustrious family).

  3. Mrinal Sen opposes genocide on Wednesdays, supports genocide on Thursdays

    Filmmaker Mrinal Sen participated in an anti-Communist Party march and followed it up by participating in a pro-Communist Party march the next day. The first march was to protest the mass killings in Nandigram by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) while the second one was to express support for the mass killings.
    �Just because I was at the rally yesterday does not mean that I cannot be at this gathering today,� argued the veteran film-maker on the Mayo Road dais on Thursday.
    Most Indian protesters are illiterates and clueless about the nature of the protest rally they participate in, and are brought to the site of the rally by contractors hired by the organizers of such protests. Many of these protesters are promised a packet of Biriyani to attend the protest rally. It is not clear what flavor of Biriyani enticed Mrinal Sen to attend the two protests.

  4. Rahul Gandhi wants Congress Party to kick him

    Speaking at the All India Congress Committee session at New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi made a strong plea to kick him out of the party.
    "The second is to build a meritocratic organisation. Young people bring tremendous passion and energy into our organisation. We must see to it that they are accountable. It is our duty to ensure that their progress is linked to their performance."

  5. Christians talk to themselves in "Hindu-Christian dialog"

    A "Hindu-Christian dialog" in Massachusetts went on without anyone from Hindu temples showing up for the event. The Christians are said to have talked among themselves!
    Approximately 60 people crowded into the ground floor of a local church on a recent Saturday for one of the first Hindu-Christian dialogues in the area, but nobody from the Hindu community showed up.

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Uddharet said...

“Rahul Gandhi is intelligent declares Rediff!”
See also:
Chimp Champ: Ape aces memory test, outscores people
[Science News Online, Week of Dec. 8, 2007; Vol. 172, No. 23 , p. 355] Susan Milius
“At Kyoto University in Japan, students and chimps saw an array of five of the numerals 1 through 9 flash onto a computer screen for just 650 milliseconds. When the numerals simultaneously turned into white squares, the subjects had to touch the squares in numerical order. The students managed to choose the squares in the correct order around 80 percent of the time, as did Ayumu, a young chimp, says Kyoto's Tetsuro Matsuzawa.

“The researchers then shortened the viewing time to 430 ms and finally to just 210 ms, which isn't even enough time for a person's eye to scan across a screen. For the briefest exposures, the students got the sequence right only 40 percent of the time, but Ayumu still managed nearly 80 percent accuracy.
“"The memory aspect is really surprising," says Elizabeth Brannon of Duke University in Durham, N.C. ....”