Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hopeless Secular Liberals
More Tavleen Singh nonsense - I have long held that this very intelligent and gutsy lady is in the end - an over-rated secularist. I guess it is not possible to work in the ELM and jeopardise your career by speaking something remotely connected to the truth.

Notice the sheer hypocricy that shows through even in the article itself

Muslims have returned but live in fear - well actually if they had been truly scared they would never return - like the Kashmiri Pundits never returned. The fact that they have returned is itself proof of Tavleen's illogic. You cannot have it both ways
As for not talking freely with others - what can I say - perhaps the only thing that will make the ELM media happy is Gujarati Muslims breaking into an impromptu "La Bamba" - while washing down Nihari with cheap rum - (or the video showing Shri Ram working with civil engineers in constructing a bridge)wake up - impossible burdens of proof cannot be met.

A mere Chief Minister can subvert the judicial system - Well actually he cannot. Given the number of cases the likes of the secular brigade keep filing on the guy - I have actually started to regain my faith in the Indian judicial system. Besides, it is not Modi's fault that their chosen witness in the Best Bakery case turned out to a liar being coached by one of the scular's own. Tavleen can file any number of cases too - it is not Modi's fault if they keep falling to the ground.

"He has reduced the (Muslium) community to a subsidiary, submissive state of secondary citizenship"
Well actually the Muslims have done this to themselves. If you use democracy to assert group rights through the collective bargaining mechanism of vote-blocks - do not be surprised if others return the favor.

Here is my diagnosis of why the ELM really hates Modi

1- He has built the Hindu vote block - in the minds of the liberal intellectual it is axiomatic that this can never happen. It having happened makes them look stupid - hence they hate the guy who accomplished it

2- He does not fit the articulate, intellectual mould of politicians they like to see - ask any ELM presswallah and they will say I.K Gujaral was a better P.M. than Deve Gowda - even though they were both equally disastorous. The ELM can love a guy only if he speaks anglicised Hindi, English or best of all Urdu - oh yes - they love the Urdu-couplet spouting crypto-Mohammedan.

3- He has no sense of shame or hesitation when hitting back at secular liberal pretend-sensibilities - and that in the same semi-abusive language that the seculars come after with him. The ELM only like the 'Hindu' leaders (Advani, Vajpayee etc.) whose only project in life is to prove how secular they really are - as opposed to the pseudo-seculars.


siva said...

Talking about Modi paying back ELMs in their own coin I was watching the other day Modi’s speech and Q&A session at HT Leadership Summit.

One lady asked him the oft-repeated baloney like how can he be so cruel, insensitive and other nonsense. Modi’s curt reply was - I would not be cowed down by any sort of black mail including emotional black mail. Just compare this to Advani’s statement that Babri masjid demolition was his saddest day in life. No wonder Modi is winning and the rest are wondering how they lost the 2004 election.

karyakarta92 said...

Tavleen: "......Modi is the first Indian official to admit publicly that the rule of law, as enshrined in our Constitution, is meaningless....."

Er, what was Rajiv Ghandy doing when he justified the genocide of 4000 innocent Sikh civilians by Kaangress thugs (including many hired Mohammedan slum dwellers) after Indira's murder. "When a big tree falls, the earth around it is bound to shake" . Compare that to Modi's advocacy of eliminating *one* terrorist
. There is simply no comparison. And at the cost of sounding "rude" or "non-chivalrous", what can you expect from a woman who had a Nikah wedding with a Pakistani Mohammedan in some London mosque?
She even has children from that failed Mohammedan marriage. Now, all that is her private matter. But, that makes her a Mohammedan till Qayamat (eternity) per the Shariah!! "Sharmila Tagore" is another stealth Mohammedan. Such people should not be allowed to go around with Hindu/Sikh names unless they publicly undergo a Shuddhi/Amrit ceremony and disavow Islamic ideology.