Friday, August 08, 2008

slowing real estate market in india

aug 8, 2008

i think prices will fall further, by as much as 50% from the peak, considering that the bubble has basically increased prices by factors of 3x and 4x.

at 50% off the peak, or even 30% off, it might be a real buying opportunity. demand for urban housing will continue to grow.


Non Carborundum said...
1. "prices will fall by 30-50%"
2. "the bubble has basically increased prices by factors of 3x and 4x" - since it is a "bubble", means the real prices should be 25-33 % of what they are now
3. however, going back to (1) this means prices will fall to about 1.5 to 2 times of what they should be (factor of at most 2x then?)
4. but then "demand for urban housing will continue to grow" and will push the prices up in the long run (beyond the levels that you predict they will reach shortly, or beyond their current levels?)

Please clarify....I'm slow...because I once talked to a bearded man from JNU.

nizhal yoddha said...

:-) let me see if i can explain. i should write a column on this.

in the bubble, prices suddenly went up by 3x-4x.

we are not going to go back to the prices prevailing before the bubble. for reasons i don't quite understand, prices never go back down all the way in india. may have to do with consistently high inflation or with the strange effects of black money.

there are a couple of factors to consider. interest rates have gone up, and there is a glut of units in the market at least. therefore speculators are bailing out, and the genuine buyer is less able to afford the mortgage, and is waiting for lower interest rates.

on the supply side, the cost of materials has gone up sharply, so the actual cost of building has also gone up. developers are loath to take much less than their usual profit margins of 100%.

these factors affect prices in opposite directions. i am betting that second-hand units will see bigger price drops, unless developers start getting desperate. i don't think the latter will happen, because they are building with customer money, not their own.

so there will be a correction.

even after the correction, prices will probably be significantly (say 100%) over what they were before the bubble, which is high by global standards.

still, given unmet demand for urban housing, and the expected continued movement of rural people into cities, there will be a long-run boom in real estate.

Sameer said...

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san said...

Here's an article urging Indian realtors to imitate US phenomena like, etc:

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