Friday, August 08, 2008

how sri lankan tamil-canadian teen was lured into terrorism

aug 8th, 2008

this sort of thing must be happening quite a lot in india too with impressionable kids.


Abhi said...

Recently I came to learn that Hindus in Sri Lanka are extremely mistreated by not only the majority Singalese Community but the Gov't as well.

I used to think that LTTE was just bunch of terrorists fighting ... but the situation is obviously more complex than than.

According to the person I spoke to, if LTTE wasn't there ... Singalese would wipe out the Tamil Hindu population in Sri Lanka.

Shahryar said...

Extract from Police find second London car bomb dated June 29, 2007

An al-Qaeda terrorist convicted last year had been planning vehicle-borne bomb attacks in London when he was arrested. Dhiren Barot pleaded guilty to plotting a series of attacks, including detailed plans to pack stretch limousines with gas cylinders and explosives and detonate them in car parks beneath hotels or office blocks.

Wizard of Oz said...

Real good analysis. Write something on the War Russia has decalred on Georgia. 5000 dead.

The European Missile Defense System, as far as I understand, is very ill-prepared.


I kind of predicted this 3rd June in one of my blogs.

Sameer said...

Came across these news pirces in rediff...

Dr Sivaprasad D Madduri of Missouri, who landed in jail when he attempted to use the toilet during a flight, has initiated legal action against Southwest Airlines.

and this related to 'minorities'

Minorities' meet seeks new laws to combat 'violence'

karyakarta92 said...

According to the article, the brainwashed idiot wanted to emulate the semitic
"prophet" Abraham in self circumcision !!! Which even the local Mullah found sort of weird.
I've read about other such cases,
Dhiren Barot aka Abu Musa Al Hindi being the most (in)famous by far.
I read about another young Hindu
in Britain being brainwashed & converted by Paki scum. This is the result of meek acquiescence of parents to Dhimmi propaganda about all religions being equal spiritual paths, teaching the same goal etc . Ordinary Indians find it convenient to swallow such dangerous drivel unquestioningly, in fact will brand you "communal" if you point out the illogic of the Nehruvian Stalinist psec propaganda, but realise their folly only when members of their immediate families succumb to one of the binary death cults. Whether it is the Jihadi butchers or the Christist hyenas, missionaries of the predatory death cults are always on the prowl, looking for opportunities to brainwash, convert and recruit for their unholy missions. Young Hindus are particularly vulnerable owing to a lack of formal training in their own religion and culture. Even many Brahmins have their religious initiation, the Upanayanam/Yagnopaveet performed a day prior to their wedding. This becomes farcical and perpetuates the ignorance and persists the vulnerability to predatory soul harvesting by inimical organised "religions".