Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Secular" imbecile alert: Deve Gowda blames Hindus in Jammu

The dense former PM spouting his trademark verbal flatulence again - blaming the Hindu victims of Kashmiri Mohammedan genocide for resisting annihilation.

Communal card? What "Communal card"? The same assertion can be made about the "secularists", i.e. they are encouraging and appeasing Jihadi thugs in Kashmir to stimulate their Mohammedan vote banks across India.

Gowda also makes patently false assertions of "Composite culture". In reality, the Mohammedans of the Kashmir Valley have little in common with the Hindus of Jammu or the Buddhists of Ladakh. And the genocide of 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus was a fine instance of their "tolerance of diversity" and "composite culture".

The dhimmi also makes bold to speak on behalf of the Jihadi
"misinterpreters of Islam", with blatant untruths. The Kashmiri Mohammedans have always perceived any remaining vestiges of Hinduism in Kashmir as an abomination and Amarnath is no exception. Their intransigent refusal to allow the use of a mere 40 acres of Indian territory for the use of Hindu pilgrims constitutes nothing less than an outright declaration of "Aazadi".

The Jihadi bigotry manifesting itself in diatribes about "Ecological damage" and "Hindu conspiracies to alter Kashmir's demography" should be transparent to even the most naive fool, except low life scum like Deve Gowda.
Who the heck make this fellow the Prime Minister of India anyway? An intolerable Dhimmi nut and a brutal thug like this should never be allowed to become a Municipal corporator of Mysore, leave alone any office with immense potential to harm national interests.

Shri. Advani and the BJP do have their faults, primarily related to being governed by the psec standards of political correctness and ideological erosion. But, Advaniji is absolutely correct in his declaration of "Do or Die".
This is war - incited and declared by the Jihadis with encouragement from the "secularist" running dogs of Islamic imperialism.

The Hindu resistance in Jammu needs our support to fight to the finish for the liberation of Hindu land, not only for the Amarnath Yatris, but indeed the land from which 500,000 Hindus have been uprooted by religious cleansing.

How come nobody in the Indian tabloids (are there any actual "newspapers" left?) or the Hinglish "news channels" is discussing the question of disenfranchised, Hindu holocaust victims and their ancestral lands usurped by the Jihadis?
Now, that is a legitimate land issue - unlike any phony assertions made by Omar Abdullah for Dhimmi consumption. Just because that Jihadi brat made no mention of it does not auto magically imply that the issue of 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus and their land is non-existent.

And Hindus in the rest of India cannot remain mute spectators in this episode.
Dhimmi accomplices of Jihadi genocide in Kashmir such as Deve Gowda, Shivraj Patil etc need to be identified and dealt with appropriately, for example by ensuring that these scumbags don't get elected even to a Municipal corporator's office anywhere if it can be helped.

Bangalore: The former Prime Minister and national president of the Janata Dal (Secular), H.D. Deve Gowda, on Saturday lashed out at the Bharatiya Janata Party in connection with the violence in Jammu and Kashmir arising out of the Amarnath land issue.

Mr. Gowda said: “The BJP is once again playing the communal card at the grave cost of the nation’s unity and integrity. This time, the arena of action is the border State of Jammu and Kashmir where they are playing with fire only with an eye on the vote bank ahead of the Assembly elections in that State. Earlier, the BJP and its mentors in the Sangh Parivar had backed an outfit demanding separate statehood for Jammu. If Kashmir is with us today, it is because of the composite culture and geographical diversity it shares with the other two regions — Jammu and Ladakh.”

He said: “I am also a born Shaivite and we are for providing all facilities to pilgrims; even the Kashmiri people, including the separatists, have no objections to it.” Hindus all over the world were known for their tolerance. They had not been deprived of any land and only that allotted on paper had been taken back. “I do not think any true Hindu would become rigid and obstinate to wrest back that land at the cost of India’s unity and integrity.”


ramesh said...

i hate to say this but why give any credence to the remarks of this damned joker -- one of the most venal & corrupt politicians in India.

Hemant said...

Agree... the gowdas, lalu and mullayam are NOT woth talking about!!!