Saturday, August 09, 2008

Guests shouldn’t create problems: Pranab

Mukherjee was referring to Taslima Nasrin, of course and making the sinister insinuation that she is somehow a "trouble maker" for writing non-fictional books depicting brutal Islamic genocide of Hindus in "Bangladesh".

Has anyone ever heard Pranab Mukherjee or any of the "secularists" speak about the
50 million illegal, unsolicited and unwelcome "guests" from East Pakistan infesting every nook and corner of India? "Guests" who after achieving the annihilation of the Hindu minority in their land of origin, are merrily proceeding to wantonly repeat their characteristic rioting, rape and killing of Hindus in Assam, West Bengal... all the way to Jaipur and Gujarat..

Has any Dhimmi ever expressed displeasure about John Paul, also arguably a "guest" who abused our hospitality by issuing an open call for soul harvesting on our soil on Diwali eve?

Has any Dhimmi expressed outrage at the hateful propaganda of assorted christist evangelical "guests" about the native Hindu civilisation? In particular, what about the misuse of our hospitality by the Christian terrorist Graham Staines, who overstayed his tourist visa by many years, indulged in evangelism in violation of the tourist visa, was in possession of firearms in violation of the law and intimidated native Hindus with his illegal weapons to ridicule their religion and indulge in fraudulent and forcible conversions to the Christist death cult?

Yes, truly gentle, graceful, lawful, peaceful and lovable "GUESTS" all....
No dhimmi opened his mouth to express disapproval of those unwelcome "GUESTS" and their hate mongering based on fictional books.

Why start now? Why start with this hapless woman who has already been hounded out
by the Mullahs and the Marxists? Are the Kaangress men partial to fictional literature of the Abrahamic variety?

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