Tuesday, August 05, 2008

kanchan gupta: jammu's hindu uprising

aug 5th, 2008

hindus are standing up for their rights. great article by kanchan.



Shivaprasad said...

Agree with the article except the name - Intifada. I dont think we need this to be considered as a potential terrorist activity. These are poor people trying to get some attention regarding their plight.
If only the BJP takes advantage of this development....

Ghost Writer said...

Sandhya Jain had an instructive piece on this too


Contrary to ELM-speak - I think the longer this drags on the better. This is having two salutary effects
1- The highway blockade is letting the Mohammedans in the valley know that others - most notably - Hindus can apply pain to Muslim's precious bottoms. The Hindus are learning this too
2- When the state capitulates to a settlement (as it inevitably will) The Hindus will re-learn - as in the Ayodhya "debate" that they will bend the state only by consolidating as Hindus - by dealing with the state as Hindus
3- This will create positive polarization in favor of the NDA (BJP) ahead of the next polls

So I hope that the center is put in a position where it comes up with one solution after another and the Kashmiri separatists reject them all. Then the Congress is really screwed

Ghost Writer said...

I meant - "three" salutary effects :-) I though to of the third one late