Friday, December 07, 2007

UPA Govt snubs Malaysia Hindu rights leader

UPA dhimmis cold shoulder representatives of the oppressed Hindu community from Malaysia seeking support from India. Why? To advance fraternal relations among members of the non-aligned movement or to promote third world solidarity? They never lose a single opporunity to lecture Israel about alleged human rights violations of "Palestinians" (sic). If this is not an anti-Hindu double standard, what is? This is the "independent foreign policy" that the running dogs of Maoist imperialism seek to perpetuate in India. "Independent foreign policy" is nothing but a leftist euphemism that means prostitution of national interests to global Islamist interests. Yet, MMS made an atrocious claim on the same day that the Kaangress is NOT anti-Hindu.

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Chatrapath said...

What do you expect? India is ruled by a woman who knelt and kissed the pope's hand and promised to harvest souls for the papal empire.

India now has christist coinage! In the US, which is a christian majority country, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO PUT A CROSS ON ANY COINAGE BUT IN INDIA THIS IS ALLOWED!!!!!