Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stalinist Election Commission throttling freedom of expression

"Slapping a notice on Modi which should be replied by Saturday, the Commission held prima facie his remarks amounted to indulging in activities which could aggravate communal hatred and tension."

The shroud of Turin was promoting goodwill with her shrill rhetoric? Digvijay Singh was contributing to communal harmony by labeling Hindus "terrorists"? NDTV, CNN-IBN were inculcating compassion by repeatedly telecasting fraudulent sting operations? Teesta Setalvad, Cedric Prakash etc were being secular by appealing to Mohammedan obscurantism? Then, why is the Election Commission of India selectively interfering in the democratic process? Stealth christist and Teresa biographer, Navin Chawla no doubt has some role in this. The EC's job is to administer the electoral process and manage logistics, not play the role of an ideological ombudsman and evangelise the pernicious doctrine of "Secularism". Hindu nationalists reject the bogus "Secularism" of the Stalinist Indian state and are challenging the principle by means of democratic debate and elections. No constitutional body can dictate the agenda or decide issues (How is this any different from Nawaz Sharif's disqualification from contesting elections in Pakistan by Musharraf's toadies?)
Otherwise, Indian democracy will be exposed for what it is - a farce that is defined as "Rule of the Mohammedans, by the Mohammedans, for the Mohammedans."

Besides, there was absolutely nothing wrong in Narendra Modi's statement on the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter, or the encounter itself. Yes, I am advocating violence (gasp) against terrorist enemies of the nation. Indian democracy has been proven pitifully ineffective in combating Islamic terrorism and protecting the life and limb of it's citizens. The Indian judiciary and criminal justice system has also been unequal to the task of prosecuting and convicting the few enemies of the state that it gains custody of. The secular enablers of jihadi terror in India would rather have scum like Sohrabuddin Sheikh live off state expense while the litigation drags on till eternity. After all those conjugal visits, herbal therapies and massages in jail (ex: MOPLAH BUTCHER Madani's case), even if some judge dares to convict the jihadi, the witnesses can be intimidated by the "secular progressives" to turn hostile and recant their testimonies (ex: Teesta's bullying of Zaheera Shaikh in the fraudulent rape case, Mohammedan bullying of witnesses in the Radhabai Chawl case in Bombay, resulting in the acquittal of Muslim rioters who burnt a Hindu family alive). If a superior court is appealed by the human rights industry and it too upholds the jihadi's conviction, then Mohammedan mobs can be let loose to "peacefully demonstrate" and paralyse the executive into surrender. Finally, there is the stratagem of "mercy petitions" that Shikhandi MMS, Rubber stamp Patil etc can compassionately consider at their leisure. Therefore, if anybody is inciting hatred, vitiating the atmosphere or disturbing communal harmony - it is the "secular progressives", who are actually guilty of a worse crime, i.e. SEDITION by their consistent and inflammatory advocacy of Jihadi entitlement to constitutional rights.

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