Monday, December 10, 2007

ROTFL alert: Kerala padres whine about Marxist education policy

Thiruvananthapuram: The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, on Sunday, asked its members to ensure that materialists and atheists were kept away from responsible positions in Church-run institutions.

The Church has been on a collision course with the Left Democratic Front government for the past few months.

A pastoral letter read out at the Sunday congregations in churches under the Thrissur Archdiocese cautioned the faithful against getting lured by the Communist parties, thinking that their activities were confined to the political domain.

In fact, the real agenda of these parties was to spread atheism and materialism. Their facade of social service was part of a strategy to market their philosophy, the pastoral letter issued by Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhathu said. The ultimate aim of these parties was to gain power by luring people to their side. But the countries where they held power had collapsed, it said.

Alluding to the government’s educational policies, the church communiqué said the aim of this reform agenda was not social progress but to infuse atheism and materialism in the education system............

A rather delicious irony to hear the Kerala christist missionary hyenas complaining about encroachment by Marxist vultures on what the christists consider their exclusive domain, namely education and health care. Quite similar to the padre bleating about "foreign missionaries" heard when Rabbis from Israel were identifying "lost jewish tribes" in Mizoram.

Actually, if there is anything beneficial or benevolent about the Moplah appeasing Marxist regime in Kerala, it is in the realm of keeping these christist indoctrination centres (otherwise known as "Schools") in check. This model of nationalising christist institutions ought to be replicated at the national level. After all, much of their funding is derived from government subsidies, i.e. from the tax revenue extorted from Hindus or loot from subjugated native populations worldwide. Therefore, these institutions cannot be allowed to miseducate, deracinate and indoctrinate future generations of Hindus with their own money. Commie indoctrination may be relatively easier to cure.......

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hokiepride said...

LOL Chrisist,
What do you know about Karyakarta's education anyway? But let me tell one thing. If not for the Hindus protecting your ancestors rice Christian ass during the Goa Inquisition and similar acts, your Christist ass would have been genocided into oblivion just like the Aztecs and the Mayas.

And besides if these Christist Madrasas do not need these subsidies, why do they keep whining for them? Third the Christian madrasas should be nationalized like all Hindu institutions are. All religions are equal but some are more equal than others, huh?

And besides what is wrong with blogging in Sugali. Chinese blog in Mandarin and yet China is doing just fine.