Monday, December 10, 2007

perfect christist: Fred W Phelps - weird American Christian missionary

dec 10, 2007

phelps -- a man after godman ratzy's heart: true hate-monger.

shame he hates papists too.

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From: Sushama

Fred W Phelps – weird American Christian missionary

The Most Hated Family in America is a TV documentary written and presented by the BBC's Louis Theroux about the family at the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church .

It runs the website,[1] and, and other websites expressing condemnation of homosexuals, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Sweden , Canada , and other groups. The organization is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League ,[2] and classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center .[3] [4]


He is known for preaching with slogans and banners denoting phrases such as "Thank God for 9/11", "God hates fags," " AIDS cures fags," and "Fags die, God laughs (or mocks)," and claims that God will punish homosexuals as well as people such as Bill O'Reilly , Coretta Scott King, Ronald Reagan, and Howard Dean, whom his church considers "fag-enablers".[2] [3] His church says he is a "Five-Point Calvinist ".[4] He has also thanked God for the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.[5]


watch the video – rant against Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

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